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I have a question regarding the Multiselect Drowndown Plugin. In my app, users can create “work orders”. On the “create new work order” screen, I currently am using the multiselect dropdown so that users can select the customer’s active service(s) that they want to add to the work order. It works perfectly for this and also provides a nice, clean UI in this case.

My question is this…each service that is selected using the multiselect dropdown ultimately gets added to this specific work order. As you can see on the screenshot, there are auto-populating fields on the work order for subtotal, tax, and work order total. The multiselect dropdown field pulls from “customer services” in the database, which has all the customer’s active services and the service’s respective details, such as price. What I wanted to accomplish was for the subtotal field to auto-populate with the sum of all selected services in the multiselect dropdown. My issue is that there is no option for “:sum” for “MultiselectDropdown’s Value’s ServicePrice”. Is there a different way around that? Hopefully I described this well enough so that it makes some sense lol.

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Hi SCEnterprises,

if you go to your workflow tab and click the empty box to add a new workflow, select when an inputs value is changed. Select the multidropdown and whenever it is changed set the current users list of customer services to the multidropdowns value. (for this create a new field list of customer services to the user)


  1. Now for subtutal and tax you can reference this list by using current user’s list of customer services price: sum. Below an example, showing that you can even add further datatypes.

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Julius, I thank you greatly my friend!

Absolutely excellent walk-through…couldn’t ask for better :slight_smile:

I appreciate it! Have a great day

Interesting approach, I was thinking about using a custom state (list) for this. @TipLister what are your thoughts on this? What are the pro’s/ con’s using a custom state vs a list of things on current user?

@SCEnterprises good luck on building your apps. The UI looks very good.

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@FJP If you are just on this page you are right a state that is a list of things is enough.

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