Multiselect Dropdown sorting

Hi there! I have an issue with this plugin.

I have to save a list of tags for current user, but I need the tags to be in the exact order the user select them.
However the plugin sorts the tags selected automatically and that’s the way is stored in the database.

Is there any way to avoid this sorting? I tried with the :sort option but I could not make it works.
Thanks a lot!

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If _I remember, the order they show in multiselect from Bubble is the order Bubble load items.
Selectize can do that (and more, user can move items order and you can save the new order after :wink: )

Exactly, but when I select items they are automatically sorted by name abd that it’s how Bubble store them. I need to store them in the order they are selected.

I don’t think it’s possible with the Bubble Multidropdown