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Multiselect with checkboxes in a repeating group

I decided to go a different route. I’m up against a deadline. Thank you as always though, Faye

Got it! My pleasure, Daniel! :slight_smile:

Faye, if the rg type is not text OR user… what should I make the state type? Should it be the thing type that the rg is searching for?

Yes, I would make it the RG data type. If you only need to display or save a list of texts, from each selected Cell’s Thing, for example, you can have what is saved in the workflow be:

ListofTexts = RepeatingGroupX’s[CustomStateList]'sTextField

Yep, thats what I figured. Thanks Faye!

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No problem! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to figure out what you wrote here but I can’t…
I have an app where users have a few repeating groups with lists of items to select using checkboxes. I’d like to save one record in the database containing only those items that user selected. How can I refer to checkboxes in repeating group to save this information?
@fayewatson could you please help me? It looks that you’ve done something like that in your projects.

Hi @pawel.mucha :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the app editor? Just to double-check, you’re trying to save a list of ‘checked’ items to a single list field in the database?

Here is the link:
There is a lot of things that user can check but the idea is that they are divided into sections and there user selects what they want to add to their “diary”.

Yes, I’m trying to save all (and only) checked items to the database in a single list field. The problem I have now is that all items checked and uncheck get saved.

Ps. The app is not in English but I hope for this purposes it’s not necessary.

Edit - - -

There is a video by Coaching Bubble where custom states are explained and it solves the problem. Enjoy -

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Yes, the example is gone now. If anyone can help, it would be so appreciated!

Looks like this one is no longer working as well?? This link seems to take me to the same thing as the earlier one.