Multline Input Help Required

Hi All,

I have two multiline inputs, simply for the purpose of responsive design (when the page shrinks beneath a certain width the smaller of the two inputs is shown.)

The problem I have is that the two inputs need to be sync’d.

For example if a user types ‘hello world’ in the larger of the two multiline inputs and then shrinks the page they would expect to see ‘hello world’ in the smaller of the two inputs.

I’ve had a play around with a third input to try and sync the two but with no luck.

Any idea how this can be done?


First if the two are only for responsive design purposes, I’d try to design one responsively. I believe you could make it “not fixed width” and have it responsively designed.

If it is necessary to use two, I’d employ conditionals and custom states…you need to find a way for the custom states to signal which multi line input was changed last…you need conditionals to display the information in the multi line input that was last changed ( so the inputs values are pointing to each other basically )