Mutiple choice grid

Hello everyone!
I’m currently struggling with something i’m sure it’s possible to do on bubble.
I want to do an assessment form.
For each question, I have a list of answers. Depending on the answers, the user will get a score and a list of actions they have to perform to improve their score. Quite simple at first sight.

BUT, for several questions, the user has to select a single choice for a list of items to qualify.
It’s the same functionality you can find in Google Form “Multiple choice grid”.

My problem is, how do I adapt my database to be able to create this multiple choice grid and get, for each row / answer, a related “action list” to display in the final summary ?

Thank you all for your help!

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What I suggest doing is getting a html and placing it on a page. Then go to the google form and get the html code which you can find where you publish it I believe there should be an embed option. Then copy and paste the codes.

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Thank you for answering. It could be a solution but I cannot link it easily to other data within my bubble app. I need api connection and it’s not the idea…

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Oh so you wanted to have the data on the bubble app?

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Yes because depending on the answer, I want to display a list of items the user has to do.

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Ah I think this could work. Not exactly what your looking for but download this plugin to embed the google sheet that the responses go to and play around with that.

Thank you. That’s a first step !

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Database structure:

Title (text)
Answer (answer)

Options set called “Answer type”
Display (I’ll participate, I had participated, I need information)

Title (text)
Type (options set type of answer)

Title (text)
Date (date)
Questions (list of questions)

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