MVP - chatgpt-like platform - freelancer needed

Concept: Answers to life’s deepest questions in real-time to experience community/belonging

Stage 1) MVP: Think ChatGPT/conversational AI co-pilot for life’s deepest questions (biblical, existential, philosophical, spiritual) where users can also be escalated to real-time support from agents within chat channel. *Free user-experience

Stage 2) CAI Co-pilot, Discort/Slack-like communities, seamless multi-channel UX/CX, users can choose for conversations to escalate to agents and/or licensed pastors, therapists, counselors for support, personal wellbeing within the users channel of choice.

GTM: Churches, ministries, clinics, private practices pay for licenses to interact with users who choose to escalate conversations to needed services (real-time lead generation)

Stage 3) ^^^ + SEO-like reach via omni-channel UX/CX - AI seeks out users to engage with per SEO information into platform

Have slide deck, TAM info, niche information to support platform founding

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