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MVP development help for small scheduling tool

Have a small project that I’m trying to turn around this week if someone is looking for some quick turn-around (and fairly simple) work. It’s for a small scheduling / volunteer tool. The app is basically for cancer patients or those who are ill. They can quickly sign up and then add events that they need help with (a drive to the hospital, a meal brought over, etc.) and those display on a public page. That page can be shared out on social and seen by volunteers, who can volunteer for an event (without needing to create an account). That’s it. Detailed requirements are below.

  • Index / home = Landing page with some small hero info/text where user can sign in, create account
    • Nice to have would be that auth is auth with Google / Facebook
  • If not, or after, user creates account with max data: fname, lname, email, phone, password, avatar photo
  • Users ends up on page that showcases a list of events (and is null to start), and allows them to make a new event
  • Making a new event has fields: event name, notes, time/date, has volunteer/no volunteer, and volunteer info (if volunteered for – see below)
  • User has ability to delete an event
    • Nice to have is that if an event is deleted and it had a volunteer, the volunteer receives an email/SMS confirming deletion
    • Nice to have would be recurring events
    • Nice to have would be ability to duplicate an event (loads new event created with duplicated - event name, notes)
    • Nice to have would be events list has sections for upcoming/past events
  • Events are listed chronologically, nearest in future to farthest out - displayed on list = event name, date/time, volunteer info
  • Events can be clicked to see all event and volunteer info (in a modal or pop-up is fine)
  • Users have a public facing page that has their events list on it
  • Users have on their management page a button to ‘copy and share their public events URL’ – so they can share their public page to social
  • The public facing page has metadata specific to the user so it can be shared (Example: [User Name] has events they need volunteers for)
  • Volunteers can view public page and choose to volunteer for an event without creating an account - Volunteering would require info: Name, Email, Phone Number, Notes (open text)
  • Once an event has a volunteer, others can not volunteer
  • Once someone volunteers, original user and volunteer receives an email and/or SMS confirming volunteer
    • Nice to have would be that confirm email sent to user/volunteer when someone volunteers includes all volunteer and event info, and an ICS calendar event that can be added to Google, etc.


  • Looking to get started ASAP, and hopefully have a working version this week
  • I don’t want to schedule a call with your Calendly to talk about your agency process or so on and so forth – requirements are pretty detailed and I can answer any questions quickly and in detail – so let’s just work through it
  • I can support with brand assets and setting up identity and front-end visuals in Bubble myself, and can work in conjunction with you to get this over the finish line
  • This is a social good project – the budget is not venture-backed ecommerce
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Hey! Have you found someone to help you out with this yet? My calendar plugin would be the perfect tool for this as it’s template agnostic (it can go in any app, anywhere, and be configured how you want)

Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep it in mind or I’m sure whoever ends up on dev will. Thanks!

@cody3 Hi, do you have more details on budget?

Cody! We should chat. I can be your assist on this issue! I can also think of another who could help also if you don’t prefer my style. :wink:

I can even roll over my plugin cost into the gig :point_up:t6:

@cody3 hello

SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with your app.

I’ve sent you PM with details, please check and write back to me.

Best regards,


[email protected]

@cody3 I would be happy to help and I live pretty frugal so the pay doesn’t have to be crazy. Let’s chat! I’ll DM you my number or you can email me at [email protected]. I’ll hit you back as soon as I see you’ve reached out.

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Hi Cody,
If you are still looking out for some help, feel free to reach out to me as this is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes,

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