MVP within 4 weeks

Hi everyone! My name is Artem, and you might have seen me posting a lot about building with Bubble on my X(Twitter) account at @kirsnvartem. I have more than two years of experience with bubble development, and I am very passionate about it. I have recently completed all my projects and am currently looking for new opportunities.

I am offering an MVP within four weeks with one to three great features, killer UI/UX, payment system, and all necessary integrations. It can also work with your existing design mockup.

In my last project, I created a two-sided marketplace for home renovation services with complex API integrations, two different login flows, and an inner credit system. You can find my personal site with all the details here -

Please feel free to schedule a free strategy session so we can discuss everything in more detail.
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I must say I love the approach! Good luck to you and happy Bubbling


I appreciate your feedback!

Hi everyone! I’ve received some question from people asking about my process and results. I want to share some details about my projects and show you what I’ve accomplished so far. I’ve made a private library of components for Bubble, saving me a ton of time during the design phase.

Basically, I’ve put together different UI components based on popular libraries like Untitled UI and Riddle UI. This way, I’ve created reusable elements that can be easily added to any app from the Chrome extension.

By doing so, I have been able to devote more time and resources to developing the database, backend, and logic, rather than focusing solely on design.
If you’re interested in working with me on your next project, feel free to reach out through my website at I’m always excited to collaborate with others and create something amazing together. Let’s get started!

Some examples

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MVP delivered! I spent one week on planning and design, followed by three weeks of actual execution. I also provided client assistance from a product perspective. We decided to eliminate non-essential features and focus solely on the core to move faster and bring the product to market.

Once again, I am available for new projects.

Check more details here - or schedule a quick call here - 30 Min Meeting | Artem Kirsanov |


Great job @kirsnvartem , it must be very satisfying to make your initial post September 9th and have a completed project and testimonial by October 17th :grin:


Thank you!