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My Airbnb rebuild in two days - What do you think?


i set myself the task of recreating airbnb as well as possible in two days.
I would like to share the result of two 2 days with you and hear your opinion:

Index with all features (mobile optimizied):
Best experience is here when explore the page with right click and test as a mobile view.
Link: Airbnb rebuild link?

Resposive view (just for fun):
Link: responsive fun link?

  • Do you think a lot was achieved in two days or is the achievement rather sad :D?
  • Do you think the UI is close to the original?
  • How to get even closer to the original with Bubble?
  • How dou you like the new responsive engine here?

I am looking forward to your comments.
I will go on with the project :slight_smile:


the site is unviewable, it asks for a sign in to access the site

let me check.
I changed it. Everone should have access now.