My api workflow doesn't work in live


I have a button that executes a workflow and calls my back end
It works in test mode (10 users) but not in live mode (1k users)

When I run the button in live mode, I check my database every 20sec and no change is visible.
If anyone has a solution thank you.

I assume you’re executing the “Make changes to user” action to every item, one by one with the set delay in between.

I would recommend using the List Popper & Friends plugin

The workflow is like this

  1. Schedule your API workflow with the initial search for users
  2. First action is “List Popper”, input the User Search, this will output two stats that can be refferenced in the following Step, one is Popped Item (which means the first item of the list) and Remaining List
  3. Make changes to List Popper’s Popped Item
  4. Schedule workflow and User list use List Popper’s Remaining List

Additionally, if the Delay is always going to be 15 seconds, you don’t really need to have it in the workflow as a value, you can just do current time + seconds 15

I don’t really understand what it means but the plugin List Popper and Friends is better than using :Minus Item for this kind of use cases and it doesnt “Bubbleize” your list of things.

Hope this works!

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