My app is hitting maximum capacity with me as only user

I am making an app with bubble that is almost finished. I am now testing this app and I notice that I am already reaching the maximum capacity. This app is also sometimes very slow, but sometimes not (it is very inconsistent). I am on the personal (legacy) plan but if I want to add extra capacity I have to pay almost 100 $ more while my app has no users yet. This can’t be right? Or am I supposed to upgrade to the professional plan before launch?

I guess you’d benefit much more from reading about improving your app’s performance than paying a higher plan.


I agree too. I work in the past on an app that reach easily the max capacity. But after reviewing how the workflow work, I never get higher than 30%. So most of the time, the first thing is to check what you can do to improve perfomance.

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Here’s what it looks like when you optimize your way of doing things.
I was in vacation in August. :wink:
That is why it is very important that the Bubble price reflects the use.

:large_blue_diamond: You need to identify your most used resources, and try to simplify them or ask the forum with a specific question.


Thank you for your suggestions! I will try to optimize my workflows. Your optimization looks very impressive @JohnMark. Do you have any tips for this? I know that ‘do a search for’ takes a relatively long time, but I don’t see how I can optimize an action like this. Are there any other actions that I should avoid / adjust? Thanks!

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Hi @Thimo,

Start with this. The more actions you can transfer to the API Workflows, the more you balance the load transfer and the faster it runs for the user. That’s my first suggestion. By searching through the forum, you will find dozens of ways to optimize your operations.