My app just crashed (?), deleting an entire page

Hi Forum!

I was just working on workflows for an inspection automation page I’ve developed for my website, page where agents can inspect homes using the input forms and it develops a listing page as well as 2 inspection reports. I’ve been working on this page for 2 weeks now designing all input fields and setting up the workflows and wanted to finish this all up by working on a workflow where I add images taken from mobile (plugin I purchased).

Working on this was already really slow because the data thing I was working with was around 380 fields, but I was doing alright practicing my patience but just now it froze, deleted ALL my elements on the page and the workflows attached to it.

Someone help?

This is all I can see now the “saving…”. Every single button in the side bar works but the backwards arrow doesn’t. What can I do?


Not sure if this is the same problem as me a few weeks ago.
But i deleted the full page accidentally and could not use the backwords arrow after that. Just froze.

This solved it for me:
Revert to this time:
You can find this in the top right. “Development”

You need a paid plan for this.
I bought the personal(paid plan) just to revert back to the time before it wenst wrong.

Hope this can help you. Good luck!

Late reply, but that was what I did to fix as well. Thanks still!

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