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My app says it's broken with no issues

Okay folks in bubble Community please help me with this one. It is quite frustrating when my app says that there is issues that I need to fix and there is no issues being displayed.

Here’s the problem in development mode when going to deploy my app to current version to live, I get a pop-up error saying that there is multiple errors that I need to fix before going live… Ok, that’s fine if I was able to log the errors or even see where the errors were occurring


There is no errors being recorded in the counsel log and there is no errors being recorded in my app. What the heck do I do to fix this I have reverted to a save point in history three times now and as I continue working I run into the same error…

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May be you are tried to restore your development version with past restore point?

If yes, then try to resolve the issue in your development version with your current live version, it shows conflict with live.

If you need my help please DM me.

@jess I’m having the same problem. I have to fix 1 issue before I can deploy, and it’s showing “No issues to fix”.

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