My app URL is showing "your bubble app" when I copy and paste it

Hi everyone. I’'m trying to share a page from my app by copying the URL and pasting it in an email. But each time I do, the link shows: "you bubble app (my company name). In the settings (general tab), I have checked the box that says “remove bubble mention in console” so I’m not sure what it’s not copying the link as its written in the task bar. BTW, the index page does not have this problem; it copies the link exactly as written in the URL on my computer. This only happens when I try to copy a link to another page within the app.

I’d appreciate any help in resolving this. Thanks!

Check each page settings. Do this by clicking outside the workspace or by clicking the first item in your element tree.

Yea I just saw it. Its crazy how I went to the backend immediately, instead of just checking the page. Lol!

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