My button stopped updating my database

Guys my button stopped updating my database for no apparent reason, is it instability in the bubble?

When clicking on this button the status2 should change to yes in the “em amdamento” field

Fala Felipe, tudo bem?
No “search” que você faz no seu banco de dados “Status2”, você está usando algum filtro?

Are you using any filter in the search that you are doing in your Status2 database?

Yes, I am looking for the order that has the name of the current user

I made a separate database just to classify whether the person’s order is in progress, completed, or canceled

There is the value field, which I would only show when a data is being “yes”
maybe i’m wrong to get the first item on the list when it comes to modifying the data

Are you logged in as “rebels” ?
Did you try to use the debug panel to see if your search is returning an item?

It looks like there is an error

The error happens here


But this workflow (that presents the error) is being played when you click in the button “Fazendo”?

nop, the button is only to change a data from no to yes

how do i share my project with you?

I believe the problem is here, because he is taking the first item on the list, but even so the first item is not being changed.

I will have to configure all these buttons again

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