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My data tables are in blank

Hi thank you for the interest,

Here is the situation
Most of the field in my tables are in blank

But when i open them it does have data

I have tried it on mozilla and chrome the problem persist in both.
Am i missing something?Is there something i’m doing wrong or is it a bug?

Looks like a bug as I am affected as well. Was fine last night but not this morning.

Started in the last couple hours. Also getting server errors on the API:

"message": "Unexpected server error, please try again later",
"code": "1493350702192x131"

Experiencing the same issue. Database view is not showing any values.

Same for at least a few hours.

Same. Glad to see this is not something I did;)

Same with my app since last night. @emmanuel : did anybody reported to you this situation ?

Yes we’re looking into it

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