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My editor has become impossibly slow! [complex project, using Mac M1]. Anyone else?

Not sure what of these issues will be resolved, but I am interested in seeing what impact the Bubble team’s recent focus on performance (as mentioned in Josh’s recent post) will have especially in relation to singe-page apps, RGs, and invisible elements.

Check the post out for more detail on the three ways they’re attacking the performance issue.

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You’re right! Performance is clearly the central pain point for everyone. I have my fingers crossed that this materializes into meanigful performance gains!

I’ve been building on Bubble for over a year now and I would say half of that time is sitting here waiting for bubble to “save” every time I make a change.
I wonder why Bubble doesn’t just release a desktop app and we just upload to the server when required.

@hello.plannwin why do you wait for it to save so long? Personally I don’t worry about it and on the occasions I get the saving error and refresh it only loses maybe 60 seconds of work because bubble saves near instantly constantly.

it autosaves every time I make a change. are you suggesting we can actually turn this off?

No - just don’t pay attention to it and carry on working. You don’t need to wait for it to save to do more changes.

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@equibodyapp oh no I am not waiting, it’s just the editor freezes while it’s trying to save. My app is a large app hence it’s very slow when editing. My point is I spend most of my time waiting for the editor to update and let me continue working.


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