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My editor is not updated but the deployed build is?

Hi, I made many changes to a page today and noticed that that one part inside my editor shows the old part of the website. I am concerned that one of these times, it will deploy the old version that it shows in my editor.

The preview and live deployed site all show the updated version, the editor shows the old.

You click the email and it will open a popup with some settings. I have checked my editor and there is only one popup on the page so it is not a duplicate. Anyone know what going on?

This is the “PopupA” in my editor
This is what it looks like when I preview or view the live page.

The project has been fixed. I’m not sure how but I tinkered around and I was able to find the proper one in my editor on another page and copied it over. There was still a inconsistency when I had tested editor vs. live on the same exact pages but not it seems to all be matching up properly.

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