My element action is only working once

Hello friends! Sorry if it’s written incorrectly, but I’m using Google Translate.

I’m creating a plugin using Face API JS…

I’m calling an action of an element, which returns an asynchronous function.

When calling it for the first time, everything works normally, but when I call it for the second time, it doesn’t access the “attainedPlainText” variable.


First Call
First Click

Second Call
Second Click

It restarts normally after I refresh the page but it only works once

Don’t use context.async. That’s all.

Hi @keith , thanks for replying

I have to use it to import the face api modules. Any suggestion?

Load scripts in the Headers section of your element plugin. You won’t be able to use “import”, just load the vanilla JS version of your package (find it on jsdelivr).

I tried, but modules are missing

I dunno. Load the model before attempting inference, like the error says? I’m not stackoverflow up in here.

Got it, thanks for the help. I’ll look on stackoverflow then. I thought this was a forum for us to help each other out, sorry to bother you.

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Ok! Tkz

I solved my problem with below code in header:

async function ssd() {   
await faceapi.nets.ssdMobilenetv1.loadFromUri("[email protected]/model/")

After that I created an asyncronous function that I use when calling it, using “then” it returns the result.

function(instance, properties, context) {    
    const element = document.getElementById(properties.id_element)
    const img = element.querySelector('img');
    const imageAnonymous = new Image();
    imageAnonymous.src = img.getAttribute('src');
    imageAnonymous.crossOrigin = "Anonymous";
    imageAnonymous.width = img.width;
    imageAnonymous.height = img.height;

    async function receive() {
        let list = [];
        const detection = await faceapi.detectSingleFace(imageAnonymous).withFaceLandmarks().withFaceDescriptor();
        if (detection) {
        } else {
            console.log('No face detected');
        return list;

    receive().then((result) => {

        if (result.length > 0) {
            const faceDescriptorString = JSON.stringify(result[0]);
            instance.publishState('ID_Face1', faceDescriptorString);
        } else {
            console.log('No face detected');