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My header group logo is a different logo when logged in and out


I have been stuck trying to figure out why the logo is different when the user is logged in and out. I have checked every possible element looking to see if there is any conditionals or workflows but I have not found anything.

I am using a template, I don’t know if that changes anything. I am trying to change the logo they have in place for when the user is logged out, I was able to change the one for when the user is logged in.


Hey @gamint167 , you can search the element from here in the designer


And from the debuger on preview mode head over to inspect and detect which element it is

With that you will find which logo is which. They are probably hidden when page load and showing up on logged or not.

You can see hidden elements in the designer over here

While what @Clasicwebtools says is true, this won’t necessarily work if the thing you’re searching for is a reusable element. (Happened to me the other day as I was inspecting some of my own work and I was like, “WTF is this empty element and why does it not show me the things inside it!???!???!!!???”)

In particular, if the reusable has been assigned a new name, it will be doubly difficult to understand what’s going on. So, in your case (where, surely the template designer is using a reusable and then changed its name), you do the following…

This is a real world example of my “mystery element” and how you find where its definition is hiding:

Double-click the element:

Then click the (i) icon (badly circled in yellow, above) to reveal the inspector panel:

Note that the inspector panel is telling us “This element is a reusable element, click here to…” Clicking that link will take you to the editor page for the reusable in question.

THAT is where your weirdness is happening.

Thank you, this worked!

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