My list is not appearing vertically

I created a repeating group to display a list, but the list is appearing horizontally and not vertically. How do I get the list to appear vertically down the page instead of horizontally across the page?

This is the repeating group I created

This is how the information is displaying. Each word should be on it’s own line.

Hi there, @leanne.brunache… I’m pretty sure you are mixing up what you are putting in the text element with what you should be using for the repeating group’s data source. About the latter, what is the data source?


this is what my repeating group is set to

I may not understand what you are trying to do, but try adding :first item's Administrative Submittals to the expression in the data source, and then change the expression in the text element accordingly (get rid of the search and show the text for each item in the list).

this is what my repeating group is set to

So… in the RG you’re searching for a list of ‘Construction Projects’ who’s unique ID is the parent group’s Construction project’s Unique ID…

That search will only ever return a single ‘Construction Project’, which will be the Parent Group’s Construction Project (assuming it has one).

So, to put it more concisely you’re just referring to the parent group’s construction project… (no need to use a RG for that)

So, I’m not sure why you’re using a RG for this at all (although, as your RG datasource doesn’t really make any sense, I suspect you’re trying to do something other than what you’re actually doing?..)

The only list (of more than 1 thing, at least) that you have here is in your text element.

As @mikeloc suggests, I suspect you’re putting the RG datasource as the datasource of your text element (although I still have no idea what your RG data source is supposed to mean?)

Some more context as to what you’re actually trying to do here would help a lot.

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I am only trying to pull up a list of items added to just one parent group. So I’m pulling up the data I want. The problem is with how the data is being displayed. I’m wondering if I’m using the best format to display this list or if I should be saving this list a different way

So what I want to do is create a list of “submittals” by choosing from a dropdown list and appending the chosen list items to a parent group.

Which the app is doing

Then I want that list to be displayed vertically on the page. which it is not doing

just use: format as text on the list, and put a line break (i.e. press the enter key) as the delimiter.

this does format the list the way i want but now everything is showing up as undefined

Well, you’re obviously not defining the text to display for each list item correctly…

What are you putting in the content to show per list item?

I see what I did wrong.

However now every submittal is showing up on every line. How do I get each individual submittal to show up on its own line?

That’s exactly what you’re telling it to do… (i.e. for each item in the list, display ALL the items in the list).

How do I get each individual submittal to show up on its own line?

Instead of referring to the parent group’s list of Administrative Submittals (which will display the full list for each item), just use This Text, as your Administrative Submittals are just texts (whether or not that is a good idea is another matter).

perfect! it works! thank you

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