My live version, please comment

After three months of working more or less everyday, I have finally managed to go Live with my site.
This is a eCommerce site with shopping cart etc.

I started doing it by myself but then in later stages when I got stuck, I had consulting help from Nikolai Marcovich

who was without a doubt most helpful as well as technically competent Bubble expert I could have found. Using interactive sessions, he was able to solve many of my issues and got me to this point. I thank him.

I am hoping that some one here will look at the site ( and, give some feedback on it, if it looks okay, professional and all that.
This forum was very helpful and I also thank those who answered my questions and also posted on others that I read and incorporated in my learning process.
Thank you to all
Charan Langton
(It is children’s books place)


I think it looks fine. The landing is a bit wordy for my own taste but i think your product catalog looks good!

Thanks. Yes, I like your thoughts on the landing page. I will thin it.

Another thing would be to perhaps make the site responsive to mobile and more suitable for mobile usage?(currently everything is shrunken down and I have to pan and zoom in and out to get around) Other than that congrats.


Congrats on going live! I echo @Alan_x_n comment above about looking into a responsive design for mobile.

I added a book to the shopping cart, but it took me a second to find the link to the cart. Could you make the cart logo/button larger, and perhaps with text ‘Go to Cart’? Additionally when I first added an item to the cart, I’d recommend having a link to the cart from the first popup that indicates the book has been added.

From a design standpoint, I do think the homepage could be cleaned up and minimized a bit. I’d also recommend a carousel or even just a box with new adds, or recent recommendations. This will help users see rhe types of books from the home page without clicking on the products page, and allow you to single some out.

One more note, I noticed on your first post above, you have a misspelling of your URL

Congratulations! I just tried to roam your site on mobile which is hard. So I would look into making the site responsive as most traffic these days is from mobile.

I was wondering why you have chosen Bubble to build your store since there are products like Shopify that are specialized in this type of online stores.

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First, I really like it. The website and idea.

Don’t be discouraged by my list, I’m just trying to help :slight_smile:

  1. Top of page - “The Reading Lesson - teaching your child to read” in plain text. Consider Centering and making bigger and bolder.

  2. Bottom of page - Call to action Missing. Right now you have a small section for people who want to teach reading, but you should have a button that maybe says “Browse our selection of books” or “shop”.

2a) I’d have another more enticing button at the top encouraging people to go to the products page. I think a good spot for it would be a button right after the “Teach your child to read today with The Reading Lesson.”

  1. Mobile responsive. 60% of the web traffic is mobile now.

  2. Contact form - - Add a conditional to the red border and IF NOT empty. It looks bad to start the page with red borders.

4a) Contact form - - Add hyperlinks to the “try our other sites” sections. Few people will copy/paste or type it into google.

  1. login_page - - When you hover your mouse over “Already have an account” it gives it a pointer like you can click it but you can’t. I was confused for a bit there.

  2. products Page - - The account button at the top is a few pixels too short. I’ve got a keen eye :eye:

Looks great! Keep going!

Good to see @nikolai still in the game! He was a massive help to me in my early Bubble days. Also, I swear I saw him at the airport once but didn’t say anything as I was in a rush.

Thank you for your very smart comments. I did clean up the main page as you suggested, somewhat any way. I like the carousel idea and have to think about how to do it. As every new feature requires research and learning.
I also added a link to the cart from the product popup and have made the cart icons bigger.
Thank you so much.
I hope I will be in a position to help someone else.
Charan Langton

Wow. Thank you so very much.
I am starting on all these right now.
Charan Langton

At this point, I have no idea how to make is responsive.
I guess this will take some time.
Yes, you are right, I need to do it.

Had totally overlooked the Resonsiveness. Tried that find that it is all is a mess now. I could not even rezigger one page. The items on the pages don’t move at all. No drag and drop. Things are stuck in all the wrong places now and no easy way to move them about.
Is there a way I can just create two different size pages, one for iphone and one for desktop?
How does one go to a Responsive mode without having to redo it all, and that too in a very restrictive manner for layout.

I did have shopify for a few months and found it very hard to use and setup> I also use Volusion and it was a bit rigid too but not nearly as bad Shopify. The lack of features and just the crazy way they have programmed things was shocking to me. I got out of Shopify quickly. It was just plain awful. My Bubble site despite all the time I put into it is 10 dB better.

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Yes! There’s an option when you select the root page on the element selector.

(In english, what i’m trying to say, is select the page name on your page. Like if you’re on the index page select the index element icon on the designer page.)

there’s an option for a “mobile page”

So you can make a new page that looks good for a 320-600 px width screen. (you might start by duplicating each page, then starting to make things smaller.)

Recommend mobile pages.

“(In english, what i’m trying to say, is select the page name on your page. Like if you’re on the index page select the index element icon on the designer page.)”

I cant seem to find this. Please make the English even simpler! :grinning:

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