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My messaging app is not working (recipient not coming through)


I’ve created messaging functionality (inbox style), I’ve followed the sample at

Anyway the message get created fine, but the problem is that the recipient is not recieving the messages

So the process is that i have two datatype

  1. Message (Body)
  2. Conversation (Message List, Recipient).

I then have a page which is tied to a user (so it has user information, and is of type user)
On this page i have a button “Send Message”, when clicked it shows a popup, which has a text area (body text) and a button “Send”

When I click “Send” it the workflow
Creates a new message
Creaete a new conversation add the new message to the conversation, and adds the recipient from “pop up send message’s user” so it adds the user

This is the part that is broken, for some reason the recipient is not getting added.
I look in the database and that field is empty.

So i tried using the debugger and the data seems to be there but when i do the workflow, its not writing in
so i’m confused

Any suggestions?
Secondly, does anyone have a messaging app? I tried to look at some here, but without knowing which page has the submit button and how it all works, its hard to see.

My guess is the popup doesn’t have a data source. Should be “current page user” or you can just set the recipient to = current page user directly.


That’s interesting.
When i use current page user directly, it works
But when i use parent groups user it does not work.

So thanks for your help, but i would like to understand why it doesn’t work for parent group user?
When in the debugger it shows the actual user for that page?

The parent group of the button triggering the workflow is the popup (unless it’s in another group within the popup…), so that popup should have a source set to it, otherwise there is no user data. You could also “display data” to send user data to the popup by adding that action in the workflow that opens popup.

Basically the parent group of any element is the immediate container that holds that element, which is not always the page.

Yes i did do that
So the popup i made of type user
and set the source as current page user
and in the debugger i can see this is getting set correctly

But thats the confusion, in the workflow it doesnt work when i use groups parrent user, while page user does work

Do you have a link?

Do i just send you the bubble link and you can access it?

I’m not sure if that will help, because i’ve changed it to just use the current page user in the workflow,

I did that to make it work, but was just wondering why the other approach was not working

Oh, well, since you’ve created logic with one of the ways that gets it working, no need to mess with it. I was just asking for a link to help you figure out why the other approach wasn’t working when it should have.

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