My MVP is Now Launched - Introducing Giverrang

Hi everyone! Long time in the making and fully romanced by Bubble :heart_eyes: I’m excited to finally make Giverrang public! :rocket:

Giverrang is a peer-to-peer discounts app built for businesses. Now you can give a client or customer a cash discount and get rewarded with points! Points can then be used to obtain discounts on goods and services you desire from the Giverrang community.

We think of Giverrang as a novel twist on barter / cashless exchange, utilizing the discount as the access point.

There’s more! But I would be thrilled if you could check it out

Let me know:
1.) Is it clear?
2.) Would you or others you know find it useful?
Any feedback, good, nay, or indifferent, would be appreciated.

Oh, and of course we are seeking early users, and would be over the :last_quarter_moon_with_face: if you decided to be an early Giverrang pioneer! :tent:

P.S. It’s free during our launch period!

Finally, major shoutout to the team at Bubble for creating a truly transformative and life-changing tool. Thanks to the many Bubblers who have helped myself and many others through hiccups, and building this community. No matter where this app goes, I know I’ll keep on Bubbling.

That said, now the real work begins! :clinking_glasses:


Good looking website
Neat concept but i failed to understand how the points work. i realize that with the points I can buy stuff? but how?

Nice work getting a product to market! That’s an accomplishment.

A couple things off the top of my head. You have about five seconds to answer four questions for your prospects when they hit your site.

  1. Who are you
  2. What do you sell
  3. Why do I need it
  4. How do I get it

It takes a bit of digging to figure out what it is you do.

You may want to look at your messaging as well. Why would I give a discount to get discount points when I can just not give a discount and have cash in hand?

Am I closing more deals by using your system?
Are you exposing me to more potential clients?

Good luck! I hope you make a million :slight_smile:

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Hi @cdorozco16

Thanks for the feedback. One of the top things I have to do is work on the clarity. I’ve been flying too close to the sun and need to figure out how to better socialize it. So conversations like this are super helpful!

You are essentially there with the points.
You would utilize points with other businesses in the network (or ask outsiders to join) to get discounts on goods/services you want. So if you gave someone a $100 cash discount on something, you would go +100 points, and they would go -100. You can then approach another merchant and request a cash discount on something you need, and it would use the +100 balance you built up.

The system is predicated on the principle of “mutual credit”, where there is a debit and credit to the two businesses entering into an agreement. One goes +plus, one goes -minus, and the minus would have to pay forward discounts back to the community.

Let me know if that makes sense. It’s a different way of considering exchange, so there is some education I will have to do, which is why I’ll be starting hyper local at first.

Hi @eli, thanks for hopping in!

I appreciate this feedback. Honestly, it’s been tough for me to figure out the pinpoint super simple way to express the product. It’s one of those things that people have to think about for a second since it’s a little different, or be educated on a little. I can talk it out, and people understand, but that doesn’t pass the 5 second rule. Part of this MVP launch is definitely a learning process to help sharpen things.

Let me try to answer those:
1.) Peer-to-peer discounts app (is that clear or :expressionless:?
2.) What we sell is primarily two parts. First, a method for merchants to not lose the discounted value of their product if they feel it is necessary to give a discount to close a deal. And two, the ability for cash-strapped businesses to request discounts to obtain products they need (essentially this is “bartering” the requested discount dollar value with discounts on their own goods and services) (Hard to condense that!).
3.) You need it because it helps you close deals you might not have otherwise closed, and the points returns at least some value back that you can use.
4.) Sign up and start interacting on the platform!

I appreciate the digging comment.

You would want to give a discount because it returns you value (the right to get discounts in the community). If a client wants your service and is only willing to pay you $50 for a $100 service, sure, you can choose to take the $50. Or you can say OK, how about we do $50 cash, and $50 recorded in Giverrang (bartering the discounted amount), so that way you walk away with not just $50 in cash, but $50 plus +50 discount points that you can now use when needed. Or if you run into people who really have trouble paying at the moment, give them up to 100% discount, and use the points for your use. I am in no way pushing money aside, this is merely a complementary tool to closing deals when forced to accept less money than what something is worth. Let me know if the impression you got is that we want everything done in points.

Yes, and yes! That is the hope.

Would it make more sense if I referred to it as a “pay it forward system for discounts”, or “partial cash partial barter system”? I’m trying to figure out the buzz words that resonate.

I can’t speak for others but for me it is not clear.

This is getting a bit clearer. So I make a deal with the client, if you want this price, sign up to Giverrang and tell them I gave you a $50 discount.

That’s actually a great way to expose users to your platform.

This part confuses me again. How do I use the discount points? Are they not being generated out of thin air so where does the value come from?

As an aside, I tend to equate ‘points’ with credit cards where it seems like I have to earn 100,000 points just to get a $300 plane ticket. You may have an issue with a negative perception of point based systems. Maybe ‘$50 barter cash’ or something?

I did not get that impression.

This is the real benefit imho. As humans we are inherently motivated by self serving interests. Even our philanthropic efforts tend to be about us feeling better about ourselves by doing them. I would make this front and center.

"Find new customers, Close more deals… and get rewarded for giving discounts’

Your app is the conduit to me receiving those benefits but the benefits are what will get me signed up and active.

Possibly. Google Five Minute Marketing Makeover with Donald Miller. It’s a short series of videos that really help get your head around clarifying your message. I actually purchased their course a couple years ago and it transformed our business so I’m a huge fan. No affiliation with them, just a happy customer.

Sorry if this is all coming across negative, I don’t mean it that way at all. I think you have a good product and really wish you the best of luck with it!

Done :smile:

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Hey. Congrats on your launch! :rocket: Looks a little bit weird on a mobile screen to start but I’m sure that will get worked out with more testing.

Just a thought, what is stopping me from signing up with two users and then giving myself a discount and then using that to barter for something else? Basically, getting something for nothing.

Do you have any safeguards for this?

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What is stopping me from signing up with two users and then giving myself a discount and then using that to barter for something else? Basically, getting something for nothing.

*Quickly signing up for Giverrang * :joy:

Hi @eli, not at all, please. This is great feedback! And I never take anything personally. I want people to try to poke holes in weak spots. If it is unclear, odds are you are not the only one experiencing it. I’m seeing trends in some of the feedback, which is honestly all I can hope for because that helps me sharpen things :crossed_swords:

Thank you for the suggestion on the Five Minute Marketing resource. I will definitely check that out. I have been in conversation with other prospective users and have gotten great feedback on the approach of making the customer the hero of the messaging similar to your suggestion. BTW, what is your product?

I think you got it. From a logistical standpoint you would make your agreement. Your client would pay the $50 through your normal merchant means, and then you would record the $50 cash discount in Giverrang, which would then credit you +50 discount points!

Most definitely. There’s a multiplier effect that can occur there. Sort of how people ask other people to Venmo each other. If they haven’t heard of it, they sign up to do it. Hopefully some natural wildfire will occur.

Discount points are 1:1 with dollars. When you are credited +50 in the previous example for the cash discount you gave, you can now draw down on that balance to redeem discounts from other users in the community (or convince a merchant not on Giverrang to join).

This is a great point. Perhaps something like “Coupon Cash” to stay relative to the discount and make clear the 1:1 ratio with dollars. This is an interesting thought and has crossed my mind whether calling it points may make people think of fractions instead of “dollars”, since it’s freagin hard to accumulate points for credit cards, so I would hate for the same stigma to apply to my product and confuse people. I was thinking points more in the fun video-gamey sense, but if it breeds confusion, forget it.

Thank you! I appreciate this. It’s one of those not seeing the forrest through the trees for me, I wasn’t sure if people wanted to know what Giverrang was, since the concept is new, or what it could do for them first. Part of the learning process! :books:

Again, no worries and thank you! This type of feedback is invaluable for me, and I appreciate your well wishes. Let me know if my responses helped answer some questions. More work to do :pick:

PS, thank you for registering! (I think that was you)

Hi @J805, thanks for the questions.

It’s strange on mobile b/c I have not optimized it totally for mobile yet. I should probably put a disclaimer pop-up that it’s meant more for desktop / laptop at the moment. I mention it, but it’s buried in the FAQ.

The system is built on the concept of mutual credit. So if you had two users recording discounts with each other one is going to go plus+ and the other is going to go minus- Right now the system is free during our launch, but when we flip the payment switch you will need a valid credit card hooked up in order to record discounts, which will charge the discount receiver 5% (proposed) of the discounted dollar amount (at least this is the proposed model at this time).

So if you want a $100 cash discount, it will cost you $5.
The second tier we have is an “honesty” fee for “larger balances” in excess of +1000 or -1000 points. If you drive a balance of -1000 and you sit on it, we will charge you 1% on that balance each quarter (possibly monthly, based on our continued analysis).

Currently, negative points limits are capped at -10,000 in beta.

Of course when you are building any new community you want to build it on a foundation of trust, to some degree. Allow the community do some policing. And for us to stay vigilant on accounts and transactions that raise red flags.

For more on this check out our FAQ questions:
Do I pay anything to use Giverrang?
Will there be a membership fee in the future?

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LOL :joy_cat:

See my response above.

I’ve been running a storage shed sales company for about 5 years so that’s what I was referencing. At the moment (as of the last two weeks) I’m prelaunch with a software product geared towards shed delivery drivers that I’ve been building over the last three months. So I’m dealing with testing feedback with the several companies I have using it.

“Why can’t it do this? How about it doing that? It’s not working!”

Then desperately building out this feature or that feature and fixing this random piece that stopped working for no apparent reason. lol

Fun times!

@eli sorry for the late reply!

That’s awesome. Congrats on concepting and creating a product. I’m not sure how much help I would be as I’m not too familiar with your industry, but I would be happy to take a look if you are looking for outsider feedback. It’s so much easier to look at someone else’s stuff and provide contructive input over your own sometimes!

I totally hear ya. All part of the sharping process though! Just don’t go too far as implementing functions that aren’t critical elements for your launch.

I know this all too well, haha. It’s all part of the app-building charm.

BTW, I want to really thank you for turning me onto Donald Miller’s content. I watched the videos you suggested and traveled down the rabbit hole and wow, it was like lightbulbs going off all over the place. This is weird for me because I come from a marketing communications background, but mostly in the nonprofit / community development space where things are usually much more clear for me because I’m selling a vision where people band around it. Product stuff I’m finding is different, which is sort of unexpected for me, and I think his stuff is incredible in helping provide clear examples and a path forward. It makes total sense. It actually had me laughing at some of the examples, part because they are funny, but also because you see yourself in it :laughing:

I took another crack at the message, and I would love for you to take a second look and let me know if now I’m getting a little closer. Sparking more interest.

The pricing page, you have a greenish blue with white text on top of it. It was quite hard to read and irritated my eyes a bit. maybe make it a darker green or darken the text a bit.

Hi @lockymadera, thanks for the reply! I will definitely look into making that more legible, minus the pain :+1:

Thanks, man, I would love that. I’m completing the sign up flow and a couple other things that have been dangling but I’ll PM you with a walkthrough video and a link to sign up later this week.

100% better! Love it! Super clear what I’m getting out of using your product. Nice job!

I hear you on the Storybrand rabbit hole. It’ll suck you in and transform the way you think about your product.

Just let me know when!

Thanks, that’s great to hear! Story Brand was a huge help in shifting my perspective to the customer. Working on your own product can be really sneaky sometimes as there’s a natural tendency to want to talk about it, rather than to the people.

Definitely helped me see that, I’m looking forward to applying their techniques in various ways to dial it in!

Congrats, @marktuff! I know you’ve put a lot of hard work into this app - I’m so happy to see this launch! :rocket:

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Congratulations on launching your app! It is very good feelings to see your product going live.

Which platform you used for creating explainer video?

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