My pricing table is not showing

My problem is this… When I deploy my app and look at the live version, my pricing tables do not show.

for example this is deployed to the current version
On the test link the card shows up flawlessly

but when I go to the live mode on the same page, it does not show up.

Ripping my hair out trying to solve this but I am starting to think it is just a weird bug.

How are you generating the pricing table? If it’s driven by the database in a repeating group, is there a chance the live database is empty so there’s nothing to populate the table?

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I am pulling it from a reusable element

This is what the reusable element looks like



Ok, I would definitely check the database then. It looks like it’s pulling information from a database, so if the live database is empty, it won’t display anything. Is this from a template?

Yeah, your live database is empty (apart from your Users)… so there’s nothing to display.

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