My recent experience with Instantstartup

The most prominent problem entrepreneurs and business owners face when hiring an outsourced web development team is the lack of prior collaboration with them. (The unknown)

Unfortunately, experienced buyers like myself have gone through all the good, the bad, and the ugly. Fortunately for you, I will give you a short and frank account of my experience with the guys at Instatntstarup. Here’s my experience with Joshua and Sebastian from InstantStartup.

You are welcome to contact me if you are on the fence about moving forward with them or if you want to know more about the company they are helping me create.

More than the money and the time you’ll typically have to spend creating a web solution, it’s your reputation and the planning you’ll have to do with your own team and collaborators. If you are a solopreneur, well my friend, you are going to love this. As a non-techy person myself, they understood me more than I could have imagined. Having had experiences with teams from all over the world, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting more than your usual headaches.

They understood me quickly. Yes, they understood me quickly because they have the experience needed to figure out what I was trying to accomplish with my web application. (Saas)

I did not have to write essays nor did I have to create lots of intricate mockups to explain my ideas. However, I did take my time and offered them as many references and examples as I could. (this is very very important). You must always do all that you can to convey your app’s concept. Between you and I, I’d say the more the better.

From the very first moment I got in touch with Sebastian, he did something most companies in the world aren’t willing to do, and that made me look their way a bit more than I typically would.

Without getting paid first and without requesting tons of information from me, Sebastian and the team developed a simple example process in which they showed me that they understood what I was trying to achieve with my Web app. Just as important, they showed me they had the expertize to get it developed.

This first gesture showed me the type of people they are. Look, if you have never developed an application before, this wouldn’t have happened without you having to pay large sums of money and without having to go through lots of trials and tribulations first. (By the way, I did NOT even ask them to that for me.) They did it to show me that they were up to the task and to make feel comfortable; they accomplished just that.

The following are some of the problems you’ll typically find when working with non-in house teams. I did NOT experience these issues with Instantstartup.

Development team issues:

  1. Poor internal communication among them.
  2. An unwillingness to understand the needs of the buyer.
  3. Your usual and unforgiving “that wasn’t part of the original list request.”
  4. Doing the bare minimum because they are “only doing what they are told”
  5. Perhaps the most important issue is their inability to understand the importance of your App’s concept. The lack of experience to know how your App will solve a problem and how it will benefit your future clients.

Buyer issues: (you)

  1. Poor communication between the buyer and the seller.
  2. The inevitable incompetency of the buyer to explain his or her own web development idea.
  3. A complete lack of knowledge to know what it takes to develop a useful application and how to deploy it. ( is your solution)
  4. Not being available to answer questions when the development team needs your input.
  5. Not listening to suggestions from a truly experienced and well-intended development team.

On a personal note:

When you deal with teams, you are dealing with people, and that can present mayor deficiencies and problems. The energy and the amount of time and money you’d spend in trying to correct the issues with a bad team are not worth it. You are better off moving on to another team. (move on; people hardly ever change)

Although at first, the word “instant” in the name Instantstartup gave me a feeling of “iffiness,” boy, am I glad I met these guys. Of course, I will continue to work with them, and I will recommend others to solicit their services.

Thank you guys (Instantstartup) for making this one of the smoothest development experiences I have ever been a part of.

Your friend,



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I’m not very smart. I suppose I could have chosen another category, but my excitement with Instantstartup didn’t help my though process. I can repost it for you. What category would you suggest I do that under?

No need to repost, it has already been recategorized.

Thank you :pray:

@damianvox Do you have contact info for InstantStartup?


I do have their contact. Nonetheless, I feel it would be a “crime” to give it to you.

I have done stupid things in my life, but none as bad as writing a good review in such a short time for Instantstartup.

My app work was divided into two parts. I wrote that review based on the first part. The second half was a nightmare.

I have gone through hell and back with these boys. I say boys because they are very very young. I believe they are nice kids, but they do not understand the meaning of responsibility.

I have moved on to another person who is on top of things now.

Hope that helps.


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