My responsive web page

My website has some problems.

First, it doesn’t look too nice when rendered onto an iPhone or Android device.
Second, the site load speed is way too long at 6 seconds.

I would like to correct these issues. What can I do to make responsiveness look more appealing?

Your landing page looks ok. Is it built with bubble?

I’m on an iPhone 11 on my home wifi and the site loaded in about 5 seconds. The landing page could definitely be made to load faster if you use a static site builder and optimize the photos and maybe do some lazy loading.

Yes it was built with Bubble and this is why I asked the question on this forum.

Thank you for offering other ideas regarding load time!

Bubble is perfect for so many applications but not a static funnel (?) site intended to get someone to purchase a product. In my opinion, everything i saw could be created with a builder like Dorik (my preferred nocode site builder) and then from the point of logon forward, you could use bubble to support the actual ‘app’ part of the domain.

i see most domains like this as 2 part

the front facing web site
the web app that does all the cool stuff and requires you to be logged in

a front facing site should be built and hosted on a CDN across the world to ensure the lowest possible load time. then the app could be another entity hosted on bubbles slowwed down servers. a well constructed app could load in only a few seconds depending on the setup and number of plugins being used

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