My Site vs. vs. (Loading Speeds)

When looking at the comparison of (a site I’ve built) vs. vs. using the link below, you can clearly see that Rubzy’s loading speeds are really slow.

Can those who have dealt with Loading Speeds please share links to resources below. This isn’t just for me but for all Bubble users. Most of us never anticipated Bubble sites would run so slow. Most of us also don’t know how to fix these problems.

I don’t know if it’s a problem on Bubble’s end, our apps, or if big companies (like Facebook) have some secret sauce.

Thanks to all who contribute! Hopefully this post will answer all questions in regards to Loading Speeds for years to come.

Share away!

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Have you used the Inspect tool in Chrome to view the network timing? In doing so you’ll notice that it appears Facebook and the Google Maps API are the culprits. Here’s a screenshot of something your site is trying to do with Facecook and it’s taking nearly 4 seconds.

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By way of comparison. Looks like your app is a bit slow ?

Total request higher than facebook, maybe?

Is there anything specific you’re doing to keep speeds fast? Everything data related is a given.

I’m having zero issues loading Rubzy at all. My wife couldn’t tell it was a Bubble app (she hears me complain about speed a lot). I’m in the Washington DC area on a 2012 Macbook Pro using Chrome. I definitely don’t see the 11 second loading time, not even close.

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Yeah, sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t. Very strange. I know I have to do some workarounds in regards to loading data other than the search page. I’ll update this post in a day or 2.