My Website Keeps Saying on Google Searches

Hi, I’m deployed my app on the paid plan, however on Google Search, the title keeps saying Bubble | No Code Apps and the description is also basically a read of the first dozen buttons and text on my app. I’ve tried adding a sitemap on Google Search Console and changing the Description (for SEO/FB) on the index page of my app. Sometimes it shows up as intended on Google Searches, sometimes it doesn’t. Lately it’s the latter.

Right now I have the property removed on the Google Search Console, but it’s still not showing up as I want. I’ve also placed it in the Page HTML Header, but it still didn’t get read.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi everyone, so after about 7-10 days since the site went live, the search results on Google finally showed the correct name, description, and favicon. I guess I just needed to wait a bit. I also created a post on Reddit and the Indiehackers forum for backlinks, so that might have had an effect.

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