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πŸ•‘ myColors Color Palette Chrome Extension by NoCodeMinute - Free Trial

We just released our first Chrome Extension!

Included with an eLearning Hub subscription is access to our chrome extension. Save yourself time and access your color palette easily and without the 7 color limit within Bubble. Just another perk of having a subscription to the NoCodeMinute - eLearning Hub!

Check it out: myColors by NoCodeMinute - Chrome Web Store

Now you can test it out with 3 colors for FREE and then if you think you will like it, you can pay for a subscription. This is part of the eLearning Hub, so you get more than just the extension. You will enjoy video tutorials, blog posts, code snippets and quick links as well. Enjoy! :blush:

Just added a way to add Projects to keep your colors organized.

Drag and drop your colors to re order them.

Also add β€˜fonts’ so you can remember what font sizes and styles you commonly use.