MYR currency in Braintree

We will be using MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) as transactional currency. As Braintree takes MYR as one of their payments, this payment platform is being considered.

When I installed the Braintree API I do not see any currency choices in “Charge the current user” action.

Can anyone help in implementing this payment method.

I have also tried Paypal Checkout but in my payment action it shows nothing there except “Install more payment actions”.

Referring to the Reference Guide in Bubble I noted “The currency is defined in your account with Braintree”. This answers the question in that the currency is fixed in Braintree account setup itself. Hence this resolves my query.

By the way, is there any way I can get the currency symbol “RM” to be prepended to the amount in the currency field? Otherwise I have to choose among the few options such as $ which is misleading to users. Can I alternatively use a Decimal field type if there is no way my currency type cannot be added?