MySQL All Records Update

Hi so i run a Fivem Server and have a my web panel i made in bubble to help manage data sent to the dbase from the server framework and when i go to update 1 player info in the first image the data i change in a input from 1 cell does update but the data from that cell overrides the data in other cells to so for example if i update the cell that hassphone_number 959-4611 and i click the green check to send the update instead of it updating that 1 cell it updates all with the same data as the cell with phone_number 959-4611

any idea why this is happening it does it for all my queries not just that one?

This statement will update all players where players.discord=discord. I’m guessing what you want is to update the one player where a column = . If your phone number is unique, you could add a 4th parameter for the phone # so the statement ends with

where players.phone_number=?

@cxazedcryptic hello ! i’m in the same situation … did you find a solution ?
Does working with an unique ID can help you to update the right data ? thanks