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@name mention inside input field

Hello Everyone!

We created our own custom comment system in our app and have encountered a roadblock when trying to implement @name mention inside an input box (MultiLine input). We want the user to be able to type the “@” character and then show a list of users for selection, similar to creating a topic here in the bubble forum. Basically a Search-like functionality (for targeting users) combined with the comment text inside a MultiLine input. The input fields don’t seem to provide this possibility at the moment, but any suggestions and ideas would be highly appreciated.


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you can set a conditional formatting for a users dropdown to make it visible when the multiline input contains @ but you won’t be able to filter users in that drop down based on what comes after that @ I guess.

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At the moment, I’m fairly certain that Bubble does not support @mentions or #hashtags. (A bit more context in the post below)

If you are intent on using “@” in usernames (or the user’s full name), you could have a workflow that adds “@”+“username” to a field specifically designed as “@username” that stands independent of “username”.

See example below:

Result (searching @UserFullName):

If you take this approach, you should ensure that if a username is updated, @username is also updated by the workflow.


You could also have an entirely separate field - and have the placeholder be something like “tag your friend”

then when the input field is not empty - have it open a popup type group that has a repeating group of users who’s name includs the inputs value (text).

  • Only problem with that though - the ‘mention’ of the user would not be in context.

So instead of:
“hey @username check out this thing”

it would have to be:
“hey check out this thing”

  • a user who is associated with that data base entry
  • doing that could trigger a notification for the user who has been mentioned though… so its kind of the same - just a bit hacky

This was an idea I raised earlier this year, but the Bubble team has been working on other features.


Yeah. I haven’t really been able to find a good way to describe this feature in bubble terms (element, fields, etc) yet.

Hi all, Bubble has approved a request to create this feature once funds are raised. You can contribute to the goal here:


We just published this… please feel free to install and use.