Name of app isn't correct

I created a new app by copying it from a past one i’ve made.
Now the new app is live, but the name of the previous app is on the place where you see messenger, just an example.

How can I change this?

Hi there, @pieterC3… you can change the tab name for each page by accessing the properties editor for a page and changing the value in the Page title field on the Appearance tab.


Where do I find the properties editor for a page?

The properties editor for a page is the dialog that appears when you click on a page itself as opposed to clicking on any of the elements on a page to access an element’s properties editor.

My page isn’t called like the name of the tab, thats the thing. Nowhere is the title of the previous app found in my new app and still the tab is called after the other app.

I’m pretty sure if you go in the editor to the page that is associated with the tab you are showing in your screenshot and you access the properties editor for that page, you will see “Messenger” in this field.

If you change that field and deploy the change, the title on the tab will change.

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