Name within search box

How do i show a list of data if the name is in search box? I would like to show the whole list of data before search begins, so the list will show even if the search box is empty.

Hi there, @JohnT… to accomplish the first part of your post, you would add a constraint to the repeating group’s data source where the name equals (or contains or contains keywords) the search box’s value. To accomplish the second part of your post, you would check the Ignore empty constraints checkbox on the same dialog where you set up the constraint.

Hope this helps.


ok, so when i put words into the search box nothing happens. items don’t disappear and/or appear per the letters in the box

Share some screenshots of your setup and data… can’t really help if we’re flying blind here.

i think it might be my api call, give me a sec to double check

what would you like to see

@mikeloc heres this:

Screenshot (228)

still haven’t gotten this to work

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