Name your little or big Bubble wins from 2022!


So we all go through frustrations and annoyances and simply downright BS when working with Bubble (or frankly in any RL or work thing)… But there are those satisfying times when when you can say “F… you! I beat you!”

Let’s name some of those fun or interesting issues you put to rest :slight_smile:

For me, I just finally nailed down my 100% responsive non-plugin chat interface that scrolls properly and has the chat starting at the bottom like it is supposed to do.

What’s yours!


As stupid as it sounds, by biggest “achievement” was learning bubble. This time last year I was clueless, but in 1 year I went from beginner to high immediate, owning to the fact I have never stuck with anything I consider this as a big win for me.


Great thread!

Biggest win for me was achieving my objective of helping at least 30 entrepreneurs and companies during the year (product strategy and Bubble dev combined). Bring on 2023!

I was really pleased to be able to successfully build and release the Square Card Form (Web Payments SDK) plugin. It was challenging to get the SDK working within the confines of the Bubble plugin editor.

Great thread, I’m looking forward to reading other Bubbler’s successes and achievements!



cool thread Sir!

For me it was getting google calendar api to work including oauth, tokens, refresh of tokens etc so my client can
connect to all calendars that were shared with him, create, edit and delete events on his bubble app

creating backend workflows that failed less than once per 1M runs despite running more than 1000s of time per day with 1000s of users for one app through intelligent splitting and scheduling and monitoring of workflows…


Agreed with all here, great idea for a thread.

For me it was seeing some breakthrough’s in pushing Bubble to the limits using code like window.appquery.custom_types().map(x=> x.json.__name) and seeing other posts on this forum of users trying to push the limits in similar ways.

In 2022 I learned Bubble, Object Oriented Programming (JS) and NodeJs. Learning these three, I have released 11 plugins in one year! I also have been working on several projects for clients, the latest being an entire fintech app made on Bubble :slight_smile:

I also started university, as a side note.


I was patting myself on the back when i finally created an excel like table that is responsive, with resizable/switchable columns and allows my users to add/remove custom columns. All while not looking like crap.

All using native with some CSS and JS. I use the Toolbox, List Shifterand Classify plugins. Though at this point the features of these plugins should be native to Bubble.


About 6 months of learning Bubble and also applying my current knowledge. I’ve accomplished many milestones building a DMS (Dealer Management System). The web app it self is a vehicle marketing system. Has Vin decoding, Crash API, Recalls, and a lot more. Im always learning.
It’s pretty awesome.

Definitely addicted to Bubble…


I started freelancing like 3 years ago in web development using PHP and JS and there were a lot of months with zero work. In June 2021, a client of mine introduced me to Bubble. I have had work in my hand every single day after that :slight_smile:
Biggest win for me!


id be interested in speaking with you about how you achieved that. what iv build is spreadsheet like as well for a construction bidding app, but it could use improvement. message me :slight_smile:

first year developing an idea iv had for years. and pressing through all the hurtles of learning bubble. close to launch and it feels great

I’m actually intending to share a sample here in the forums in the near future for others to learn how i did it.

Do look out for it!

ok sounds good

For me it was learning Bubble. I knew the basics, but took my knowledge deeper.

Enabled me to launch my first app and have beta users signed up. Excited where this can go in 2023.
I’m sure there’s lots more to learn.

My app: