Name your little or big Bubble wish for 2023!

(Yes I’m hijacking this awesome title

I wish that Bubble would get rid of the CAD / MDT / Roleplay forum category. Maybe 5 years ago this was a “cool thing to do”. However, the forums are so convoluted now making it difficult to find information already. We don’t need this extra noise.

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@bubble.trouble, you know you can mute entire categories in the preferences area of your profile, right? I actually thought the CAD category was automatically muted for everyone because even Bubble knows that category is a dumpster fire.


How dare you!

  • possibility for json to be handled like an API thing and API thing to be handled like Bubble things.
  • ability to decide where to host our app (aws regions)
  • a real pricing update? (we’re still waiting since the q1 fiasco…)

+1 for pricing update, assuming it comes with some sort of usage or consumption based pricing. I’ve been holding off on starting my next project until I know more!


The ability to create/set the database table indexes. Right now Bubble is supposed to use “magic” to do this and we have no control. This one feature would allow us to significantly speed up searches. Like in +100,000 :1 speed up for large tables! For example a table with 1,000 records needs up to 1,000 reads to find any entry if the table is not indexed. But, with an index it takes only 11 reads… that’s almost a 100 fold improvement. A table with 200,000 records only needs 18 reads… Table search speed is the enemy of app performance!

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Just curious, are you experiencing issues with Bubble searches?

Personally i find that Bubble does it’s searches very fast.

  • Everyone running on their own Bubble versions so nothing can break on us ever again (you said big Bubble wish)
  • 1st party app wrapper
  • @keith’s SoundCloud career to take off

Faster API responses would be my wish.


Are you seriously referencing my SoundCloud, @tylerboodman? My SoundCloud is pretty darn cool, but I’m not actually sure it’s still live/pro.

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A. @ihsanzainal84; Not yet… but am worried as we scale. Since we can not set up indexes we rely on (likely) a scan weighted algorithm to decide if indexes are needed. This means we need the hits on the table to generate the historic scores. This is a lagging approach. But – if we know that specific queries are going to be critical in advance it makes sense to set up the indexes in advance rather then waiting for the weighting to kick in. :slight_smile: We did some tests using Algolia and found a 100 to 1 speed up in response time. No surprise since the Bubble table|field is likely not indexed since it is small. However we can not predict how much time will need to go by before an index is created which could mean slowww… response until the algorithm decides to index.

But, I need to amend my ask. If Bubble is as, I suspect, using some of the more advanced Postgres auto index generation algorithms which look to score access times (scans) then rather than enabling manual creation maybe at least we could have a index list report. EG, show us which table fields are indexed. At least this way we could get a good idea of the indexing vs search performance.

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The ability to return json or even key/value’s from a bubble plugin (element). Or using custom event and returning values…

And most of all… prerendered html page so it load muchhhhh faster :slight_smile:

And one big ask… running instance in eu on a non dedicated plan


@mikeloc why do you always have to be so practical about things? :slight_smile:

I was trying to ask for something trivial. I figured removing the category was a relatively attainable goal for Bubble Co.


Wait, are there folks just running around out there not being practical about literally everything?!? Damn, what’s that like?


Yeah @gaimed there’s a lot of us that want (1) be able to return values to the workflow from client-side actions (and this seems to be something Bubble is working on), (2) support for arbitrary objects as a datatype. Those would really supercharge what one could do with Bubble.

I’ve been messing around with mock APIs and the API Connector as a potential “sort of” solution to both issues but it’s fiddly/hacky and not generally extensible to the average Bubble user.


App hosting options
Extra security layer(s) option to login to editor/backend

( as of now the absence of these two possibilities is a factor of friction in the possibility to leverage bubble app in sectors with highly regulated framework such as structured finance and health)

happy new year to everyone in the community!

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Hi - we just released the feature to return data on custom events! Learn more here: [New Feature] Return data on custom events

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