Names of custom states not being saved

I had an experimental CS on one of my pages that I called “Devon” while I was testing something. It worked and I changed them to something more sensible.
Annoyingly, the changes don’t hold and the name reverts back.

Currently it looks like this
Screenshot 2023-08-17 124537

I don’t know why they’re “highlighted” like this…

I think this is might be because of the MS Edge “Autofill” in fields of the browser but I can’t be certain. I had only suspected it was happening but I just saw it happen when I was searching for something else.
Is this a bug? If not, how do I prevent it from happening because it’s causing me misery.
All the best

It’s browser autofill shenanigans. You’ll have to disable it through your browser settings.

Aw man. Thanks for the confirmation. I suspected as much. Why do browsers do this?!! (Rhetorical question…I do know!) it’s SO annoying at times though. If I can select a big enough hammer, I’ll make the required browser changes.

Thanks again.

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