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Hello everyone,
I’d like to introduce, a tool for those who want to test or publish android apps fast and simply.

1/ Create your responsive web app on bubble
2/ Convert your web app on website or mobile app:

  • input your web app url
  • upload your icon (png, transparent background)
  • name your mobile app
  • brief description
  • Your bundle ID
  • APP ID (OneSignal push notification)
  • Check if you want Nativator to publish your app under its account.

You can preview before purchase (13 usd only / one time).

Uploads, push and geolocation work perfectly and its Google Play ready. We are currently working on IOS version.

Ideate, Nativate!


Is it your project? What technology is used to wrap the apps? I think you will make a lot more sales if you go for transparancy.

That said, I see you just bumped 7 topics. I recommend staying here to share this :wink:


Yes, that is why I started this topic to centralize all questions regarding :blush:

Technology: Latest webview version on android studio with custom coding to allow fast loading and other features.

This project is built by bubblers for bubblers so any questions is welcome.


I love the idea to focus on other things why you build the app. Do you give advice on getting accepted?

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Hi Sam, this is interesting. Great alternative.


Thank you.
First of all, make sure your have a complete branding:

  • a website
  • a decent description of you app (ideally with a short video explainer)
  • good quality icon
  • good quality snapshot
  • Terms and conditions / privacy

Second, your web app must be as close to native behavior as possible:

  • use header / footer
  • hide and show or animate groups / avoid page change
  • work hard on design (font size), other animation (html: lottie is a great source), this makes your app enjoyable.

The app will be published without issues in 12h to 48h. I have tried 5 different apps with Nativator, all approved.


Yes, the pack contains:

APK file and keystore.
We can increment your app version if updated.
Bundle ID must remain the same.


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Thanks John :blush:

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Thanks @nocodeventure! is startup friendly, wrapping should be affordable knowing that marketing will take all the cash :joy: afterwards.
Please try and review. We’ll do our best to optimize for the best experience.



The Google Play store would accept an app built by a squirrel. It’s the app store that’s the harder one to get into. (Not putting down Sam’s idea at all, it’s a great tool for Bubblers who aren’t familiar with webview)


Hi Bubblers, is excited to announce a new feature named “Bubble to Native UI”

You can choose between two different ready native layouts and link them to your web app responsive URLs with no coding.

How does it work?

  1. Create a new app on, desktop / laptop browser: input name, description, logo and bundle ID.
  2. Choose a layout: Bottom navigation or Slider mode.
  3. Configure each: navigation item (views), up to 6 elements, minimum 2.

a. Item label (like: Home, Search, Profile etc)

b. Upload icon (when active) - size 512px (good source:, where you can edit the colors and logo position)

c. Upload icon (when inactive)

d. View URL, your responsive bubble web app link for related item.

e. Pick a tint color which should be the same as navigation item icon when active. It will be the background color for header and slider selected item as well.

Check out our live demo native app:

Robust and 100% native structure with guaranteed acceptance (demo app was published in 30 mins, views were made with Bubble). Swipe right to open slider menu, tap header to refresh.

Cost: USD 59 / Google play ready build.

Pack includes:

  1. APK (Production)
  2. APK (Test, so you can install and test on device before publishing)
  3. Keystore

The previously announced wrapping service is maintained at USD 13 / build (includes one view + splash only with no native header, navigation bar or slider), create on: on mobile or desktop.

Ideate, Nativate!



this will support all native features?

Only UI is native so far (Splash, Header, Navigation bar, Slider and Loader) but perfectly works with bubble geolocation and file / image upload. We also provide app keystore.
Currently working on push addon and IOS version.

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Native Push Notification is now ready with Nativator.
You just need to input the App id, the one you get from OneSignal and will be good to go with push notifications.

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can i know the exact date that the IOS version will be released ?

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This is in our top priority feature list.
We should be ready to generate IPA for production soon.
Stay tuned.

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okay hope you guys add this feature ASAP :+1:

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Do I need to pay the iOS/Android Submission Fee?

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Here, you have two options:

  1. You must have a developer account so you can publish it by yourself directly without our help. Very easy one and recommended.


  1. You ask us to publish your app under Nativator account, without extra cost. (Subject to app content approval).
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I’m gonna go for the second one :wink: We’ll talk hopefully in a couple of months from now

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