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What are the values we need to add for these inputs?

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Sure, just get ready your app graphic assets (snapshots, icon) and descriptions.

Will be happy to publish your app!

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how i get this bundle ID And App ID ?

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Bundle ID: A otherwise known as a package in Android is the unique identifier for you app. It needs to be unique as when you upload it to Google Play it identifies and publishes your app using the package name as the unique identification. For you, it can be for example.

APP ID: is for Push Notification via OneSignal, once you setup your OneSignal account you’ll be given an APP ID that you need to input in that field. After than you will be able to send push from OneSignal to your mobile app.

How to:

By the way your footer looks much better now!


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We’ve added a toggle button to let our Nativators pick their preference regarding publication.
Check if you would like us to publish your app under our account.


Hello Sam,

Thank you for your efforts, it looks very interesting.

I have an app published with web view gold to android and iOS. Will Nativator bring me any advantages? Will I need to create a new “project/app” with play store/app store or can I just overwrite my existing apks?

Also, what would you say is the advantage of an app in to app store to a PWA?

Thank you Sam

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Hi Rico,
Thank you for your message.

If your app is already published, I don’t see any added-value to re-wrap your web app with Nativator (which by the way looks good!).
Unless you desire to use ‘Web to Native UI’ option so you can include a native botton navigation bar and a sliding menu. In such case, you need to create a new project/release.
Demo app:

Another point concerns IOS: Apple recently announced they will stop accepting submissions of apps that use UIWebView APIs a (Deprecated API Usage).

=> We are working on a exciting update to cope with this.

Advantages for Android: Easy conversion (one step), fast (get your test / production APKs in no time), update possibility and cost-efficient ($13 for wrapping).


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why i getting this error ?

First you need to wrap your app with the APP ID in order to use OneSignal push.
Push will work on production version of the APK only.

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Hi @Sam,

I’m just seeing this thread, kudos on getting this done and extra props for keeping the price affordable. There are some seedy options out there so this is super appreciated.

For some background, I purchased Webview Gold for iOS and was able to finally successfully submit my app to the App Store myself and get approval last week (after an initial rejection). I haven’t released the app yet, because I want to do so at the same time as the Android release.

Which brings me to… I purchased the Webview Gold Android version and planned to do the same self-release, but I’m having issues with it. Webview Gold’s documentation I found very thin especially on how to publish, and their support response is very slow (and barely descriptive), and I just cannot figure out how to do it, and I’m just confused and a touch frustrated.

I was searching the forum for ways to figure it out and stumbled upon this thread and am interested in the wrapper ($13) option as a solution if the end product outcome will be the same, and perhaps ask for a refund from Webview Gold if your process is easier.

If we want to publish under our own developer account, when we submit our info to you through your form on, what does the handoff look like from you to me from there? And what is the step-by-step I’m going to need to take next? Or will I find myself in the same circle of confusion as I’m in now with Webview Gold?


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Hello @marktuff,
Thank you very much for your encouraging message. is startup friendly and strive to support users in the best way possible.
We understand that publishing an app could be of challenge sometimes that’s why we offer a straightforward and competitive solution.

If you you decided to wrap and publish your app with Nativator (by checking the toggle button) you will receive an email with a link through which we’ll collect required info for Google Play. here is a snap:

You only need to fill up the form and upload the right sized graphic asset to be ready to go live. Will take care of the submission!

We provide our users with support and guidance for an optimal experience.
Ideate, Nativate!

Hi @Sam, thanks for your response.

I was actually asking what does the process look like if we do not toggle the button for you to publish?

Are you transferring files to us? Are there instructions on what to do next? Any clarity here would be appreciated.


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Yes, in such case your will receive:

  1. APK file (production) the one you will submit by yourself in the release section.
    How to:

  2. APK file (test) to install on your device for test before publishing

  3. Key store.

Hi @Sam, thanks for the response.

This definitely looks more simple, which is a great thing. Let me review it all.

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i ll do my payment. but i didn’t get my application APK . how i get this ? how i look my previous created applications ??

Hi @isuru.anushka1

Thank you for using Nativator.
I can see that your APKs are under process.
You will receive your pack by email shortly.

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okay thanks!!.

Have you checked: publish my app toggle while creating your app?
If yes, a publication email will be sent automatically.
You can disregard if you only need your APK files.


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Hi @Sam,

Few things.

1.) I filled out the initial form on your site. I did NOT select the toggle as I want to upload the APK myself. However, I still received an email that said the following, which confused me:


Thank you for your using Nativator!
You have requested your app to be published by us.
Please provide with some extra information and graphic assets through the following link:…

I DID NOT choose to have you guys publish under Nativator, so this should be addressed.

2.) When I tried to launch the preview link that was sent to me, the splash screen image loaded, then I received this error:

Oh no!

We’re having some temporary technical difficulties right now. We’re working on the problem as fast as we can!

In the meantime, try refreshing the page or hitting “back” on your browser just in case things are working again…

We’re really sorry!

If this message does not go away within five minutes, please report the following code to the team: 1572969461896x369667009969514940

It seemed isolated as I tried to load it again and it worked. I’ll keep testing to be sure it works.

Hi @marktuff,
Thank you for your feedback. is on bubble which just had a server issue, luckily resolved now:

As for the publication email, it’s seems to be a glitch. Please disregard, the team will resolve shortly. We still got your app details (Giverrang).

Let me know if you need support.