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Hi Sam,

Thanks for the prompt response. I just completed payment.

I tested the preview link a few more times and it seems to work now, just FYI.

What’s the ETA on delivery of APK files from here?


Thank you for using Nativator!
We’re on it, pack is getting generated and will be sent shortly.
Your web app is well designed, well done.

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Hi @Sam, thanks for the compliment!

I received the files. I’m impressed with how simple and straightforward everything was. Kudos to you, I think it’s a very important resource for entrepreneurs looking to launch apps. If anything comes up that I need help with I’ll be sure to get back in touch. Thanks!

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Hi @Sam, what’s the process for requesting new builds? I know that you wouldn’t need one for any Bubble changes you make, but what about if we want to add new native features to our app (like a new splash screen or something). How is that handled?

Hello @marktuff,

Thank you for the positive feedback! appreciated.
Please let us know when your app is published.
Will be happy to assist you.

Hi @seth.griffin,

If there is any upgrade in wrapping, you will receive a notification asking: Do you want to upgrade your existing app? if yes, you will receive your new build for free via email through a download link.
It is basically one free re-build per upgrade.

This is applicable only for wrap service. Web to Native and upcoming product don’t offer free upgrades.


Hi Sam.
Just downloaded your demo app to give this a try. Can I just confirm around the grouping element… to make sure I’m understanding correctly.
Does the entire app have to be made as groups/popups with one page only?
And, is this a recommendation for better functionality or a requirement with the purpose to prevent excessive reloading to give a more native-like experience?


  • can Nativator open a QR scanner or camera app in app to allow for scanning?

thanks for the pointers in advance.

Hi @worthaz,

Thank you for your inquiry.
If you go for:

  1. Wrap my app: It’s going to be a single webiew (one page only where you show/hide groups), best for user experience as there will be no reloading . the change of groups will be smooth, you can use animation as well to tune your look and feel.

  2. Web to Native: this option will contain either a Sliding menu or a bottom bar navigation which means that each screen will load a unique URL separately. So there will be a loading for each view one time. Then switching views will be smooth (as in demo).
    Note: if you update your web app, each screen has to be reloaded.

Regarding QR code scanning, it is not supported. Camera can be triggered with the upload button (only on IOS which is under test), android will be able to upload files and images only (no access to camera as of today).

Still, we are adding these missing features in our roadmap for development!


Thank you Sam. I’ll reviewing all of the available options to go to wrap or native for an MVP. Might change the QR reading to a pin code for now. It’s high on my list. The challenge I’ve got at the moment is around mapping on wrap versions and also about security. I’m not ready to make this public at this time.

Can I use this with the app still in private at my end?
Thank you,
Jonny (ignore my terrible username I can’t change it!)

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hello @Sam I am actually building a new app, a quizz app. Wish to know

Navigator is the one to do the splash screen or should i do it in bubble?
Using Navigator should users need to update the app to get new questions or we can push them daily.

I am still confused about this group stuff for mobile app, can you assist me on that?


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Hi @jimbakoume,

A Quiz app will work just fine.

  1. Nativator will generate a Splash, loader and full screen webview for your web app.

  2. Database: Nativator does not handle your database, if you’re on bubble, any update will be done on bubble and automatically reflected on your Nativated app when refreshed.

  3. Groups: Your web app will basically have one page, inside the page your will create a group for each screen (let’s say quiz group, answer group, setting etc).
    Then, you create buttons or icon to perform the hide/show in the workflow section (or animation).

This way, there will be no reloading and will keep your mobile friendly behavior.


Hello Jonny,

If you need to test before going live on the store, you could use the test version of the APK and install on any android device. Once ready, you can use the production version of the APK to publish and go live.

Also, you can secure your web app in bubble settings with a username and a password so only you can access.


I think there is a bug which distorts the app when it is processed with Nativator.
Here is a visual result of a bubble app running on a browser, compare to result from Nativator.

The map is also not working.

Paid services should work fine at least at this level. I would not release this app for my users. It will hurt my business. Please let me know a way to fix it.


Hi @rishidavinci,

Please address your issue to the support system.
We shall have a look on this issue with the map.
But technically, Nativator is using a Webview same as your browser.
Please double check the responsiveness of your web app, also make sure the page is ticked as native.

If the issue persists, we’ll refund you.

Thank you.

Hello @rishidavinci,

We’ve just re-tested map functionality on Nativator and it works just fine.

  1. The issue should be coming from the responsiveness of Swing Carpool.

Try this:

Please double check map and other elements (such as header and groups) responsiveness.
Keep element proportions is optional (just try it out, as we have no way to test your web app from our end).

  1. Please check if you’re not using any workflow or Plugin interfering with your map when page is loaded.

  2. If your web app is having the autozoom, please add the following in your Script meta tag header, this will keep your sizing unalterated after interaction with button:

meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=0”

==> between < … >

Please let us know if resolved after this

We’ve just updated our demo app to show Map feature.
Please download or update:

The app prompts an authorization request for geolocation then shows current user geographic position.


Map perfectly covers the full screen.

Let us know for any further assistance.

The map related issue is, the Nativator made app never asked for ‘Allow Location Sharing’ so it is showing default location, somewhere in Pacific Ocean instead of current geographic position, as shown in the compared screen.

Thank you for your reply @rishidavinci
Authorization is mandatory for any user on any device when it comes to accessing physical location but this is not our topic here.

Nativator is a wrapping service not a web app programming service. Any web app should be well designed fully responsive and functional before being wrapped.

However, we are also Bubble users that is why we try to support other bubble users as much as we can and we do recognize that some plugin usage or a layout mis-configuration (fixed or variable size of an element) could lead to format alteration of a web app.

Getting back to your app: the issue apparently happens at page loading (and map loading):

  1. Please confirm what is the default loading location on map?
  2. Workflow conditions.
  3. Other actions

If you’re still not satisfied with the outcome of your app with us, please send a refund request on support system.

Thank you.

We’ll send you a new package with some modification, hoping that it will fix the map issue you are facing.
Should be send shortly.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Hi @rishidavinci,

We’ve sent a reviewed pack, please try it out and let us know your feedback.
Should be working fine. The permission request is showing and the map is locating user position.
Layout is appearing well on Android device.


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