Forum Academy Marketplace Showcase Pricing Features now supports QR scanning – new feature

Hello Nativators,

Following numerous requests regarding QR / bar scanning ability, is pleased to announce that an integrated QR/Bar code scanner is now available. Your Web App can be converted into a Native App that allows to:

1/ Open camera for scan.

2/ Get the destination: Url, i.e a thing’s link or any other Url.

3/ Access the link inside the app seamlessly for a better user experience.

The product is ideal for apps requiring QR scan for further action such as product or service details or purchase, open a course, brochure, video etc.

Check out the demo:

Conversion is as usual; super easy, quick and code-less.

Thank you for using, hoping we’re helping more tech entrepreneurs build and publish faster with more native features.

Cheers everyone.


Ideate, Nativate.

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Hi Sam,

I couldn’t find a demo of the QR code scanner.

What do you mean by integrated QR code scanner ?

I currently use QR Code scanner by Stuart B and it doesn’t work in the previewer.

Will it work after the conversion for Android and IOS (you mentionned it in another post) ?

Is there a way to still test it out ?

Thanks !!

Hello @speccoux

Thank you for reaching out.
You are referring to an old release, we do not offer that conversion backbone anymore.

We would give camera permission to your native app so you can use a QR scanning plugin.

Basically you need to create a screen view where a QR scanner window is already opened then then show / hide to use QR code scan feature. A simple button won’t open the camera directly.


Thanks for answering.

I already have it in my app, with the scanning starting only after an action from the user. It works perfectly fine with the QR code plugin on the web app but on the previewer there is this :

In another thread, you said it will work after the conversion (with the Stuart B plugin).

So just to make sure that is still the case (or if not, what should I do)

Thanks !!