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Native App Dev?!

So… I’ve just spent a whole day trying to figure out how to make a native app without code. In terms of customization, everything that I’ve looked at blows except Bubble, but I STILL don’t know if I can fully trust Bubble to do the job. And Bubble itself seems unsure about this in the FAQs.

There is very little information about it on Bubble and the 'net. This is disappointing. There are no guides. No videos. Nothing. At this rate, I might as well learn how to code a native app.

I don’t want to waste hours upon hours of designing something on Bubble that ultimately isn’t going to work. If anyone has any recommendations of another builder or how to do this safely on Bubble, please tell me what I need to do.

I’m even open to a hybrid app, but I’m not sure how to go about this. I wish there were more resources. I’ve watched just about every YouTube video there is for Bubble, but none of them actually show a fully functioning product…

Hi @elvenaubrey

It’s this way. You create your web application as an app (in responsive mode, compatible with all devices). Then you wrap your apps with a free wrapper or BDK @gaurav as explained in my link. I hope it makes sense. My app works both as a website and as an app on the Apple Google Store. Great and fast.

10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android

If you want to see products made with Bubble, visit

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you can. i am using bubble run a mobile app that i developed on dropsource.

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