Native App Groups

Hi, thanks for getting involved in this question @boston85719 and for sharing your thoughts.

I appreciate the depth here. By the sounds of it creating a SPA and utilising the hide feature as well as conditionals to get it to work smoothly. I’ve seen a few YouTube videos about people doing this.

In terms of process managing designing these “pages” as reusable elements, would you design them on an actual different page, save it as reuable and then delete the actual page in Bubble?

Also, when designing and stacking these pages as an SPA, am I correct in saying that you design the full page, rather than only a page with the elements that are changing on it? Not sure if I worded this right. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, I’ve seen people on YouTube doing both that’s why.

No I would design them as a reusable because in the editor the way we see and design a reusable and a page is exactly the same.

It would need a header a footer and the container groups to place your reusable elements in.

Yeah, so I design them as reusable but where do you create that page before turning it into a reusable element and stacking them all on one page? Not sure if I’m explaining this well.

Ok great, ill add that in. Thanks.

From my perspective, it is not understanding well.

yes, add a new reusable element and set it all up with design and workflows

You do not create ‘that’ page in regards to connected to a reusable element. There is no ‘that’ page for a reusable element. A reusable element is a reusable element and not a page.

You create the reusable element as a reusable element. You do not create a reusable element and then a page and then turn the page into a reusable element.

Create all reusable elements separately as their own reusable element. When done create a page, add groups put reusable element into the group…one group for each reusable element

@boston85719 Ok, this all makes sense. I’ve just taken a bit of time to look into reusable elements and everything you mentioned came together in my head. Regarding the Container Layout of the reusable elements, would that remain fixed.

Also when I’m changing headers and things, should I just change them in the reusable element or use conditions to change it?

Thanks for answering all of my questions.

I never use fixed layout.

I don’t understand your question about making changes versus conditional

Sure no problem. So what I mean by that is, say each reusable element has a header in the same location and has the same styling, the only difference is the text. In order to change this in the app so it changes on each reusable element, would you do it by having multiple text boxes, one per reusable element, or just have 1 text box and then use conditions something similar to the below for example?


I would make the header as a reusable, put that on the page first. Do all conditions on the elements within the reusable header.

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Great. I think that makes sense. I’ll get started. Thank you so much for all of the help. I deeply appreciate it.

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