Native App: Sending Data to Groups

Ok I admit I should probably know how to do this: brain freeze :cold_sweat: lol my bad…

My app is similar to Airbnb (but another industry). I’ve already built the web and mobile site (and they work perfectly). Thanks Bubble! :ok_hand:

So within the native app, pages are now groups. What is the correct way to send data to groups?
On the web/mobile site I send data within the workflow or internal link. But I don’t see how to do that within the native app.

Do I send data to groups by setting the “Type of Content” and then choosing the “data source”?
Can I have multiple data sources?

As always thanks to Bubble (Emmanuel and Team)


Have you done the giphy lesson? Or watched the send data to group video? That should answer your question.

It’s just about using the action display data in a group.

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Got It! thanks Emmanuel!

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Hi Toby, how were you able to build your native app with Bubble?