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"Native" iOS app


I have these checkboxes checked:
“Hide Safari UI component” and “Prevent the user from zooming”. The app should then look more “Native” says the documentation. And that’s true! But… The app now has a white top row.

This is the area where the notch is. Because of this, there is no time or any other information visible left and right next to the notch. The text is white, as is the background.

So, the question is; How can I control this area? How can I make it blue, like the header?



Hello @pm12 Patrick,

I don’t have this phenomenon on my app. Not sure if Bubble change something recently. There’s no action to control that area. I use Jasonelle to get more control over that part.
10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 :large_blue_diamond:

How can I download it from here for Android?