Native Mobile App & DropSource

Any one have thoughts on using Dropsource as a native app?
Is it good?
Any limitation?
Does it look nice?

Depends on your definition of good. It has its strengths and its weaknesses.

Yes there are some limitations like almost any other such systems.
But whether these limitations will affect you or not will depend on your requirements.
Normally you will run into a situation where you want to use some element but it’s not available.
And since there is no plugin system yet (they’re working on that), you’re stuck.
Although i should add that you can export the source code so you can add some features in code.
But note that you can’t import the modified code back into dropsource.
Here is a list compatibility list showing you what is or not available.
Make sure to read this very carefully before you start investing your time and effort.

I believe i have a good amount of experience with Dropsource and from my experience one of the main limitations currently is the inability to perform calculations, even simple ones like addition and subtraction.
So you can’t add two numbers or increment some variable by say 1.
Initially you may not see this as very limiting but once you start developing you will realize how this one feature limits what you can do.

Not sure what you mean by look nice? Does bubble look nice :thinking:
Dropsource allows you to create native apps, so how your app looks depends on you, just like in bubble.
I should add though that because you’re limited to the elements they provide you, sometimes you’re not able to express your design the way you intend so you end up building around what is available to you.

I’ve created a simple app in Dropsource powered by a bubble backend which is currently on the google play store.
My business partner and I decided to change the business model after we published it on the app store that’s why i didn’t showcase it here or advertise it. But in case you want to install it and give it a try below is the link.
Note though that there are some few features that I implemented in code like the Network status, Chrome Custom tabs and Font.
As i mentioned, we’re redesigning this app so we haven’t updated it for some time and i think some link in the settings page like the About Us and Terms & conditions page may not work. Other than that its fully functional and demonstrate some of the current capabilities of Dropsource.

Lastly you can ask this question again in the dropsource forum and you may get more of the users opinions about the platform there.

The takeaway is this. Dropsource is a great platform, it’s still not there yet in terms of what is available.
But depending on what you’re creating, it may work very well or not, so do your research before jumping in. So ask yourself what features you want to implement and check the compatibility link i posted above to see if they will be supported.

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Not sure what you mean by look nice? Does bubble look nice :thinking:

  • Ha Ha. Nice response

Sorry should have been more specific
Look: Is it able to actually make an app with full capabilities of Bubble. For comparison, not a rinky dink app. (iOS vs Windows 98) or (Flip vs smart phones)

Good: Can it send notifications, make immediate changes to it, affordable

Simple answer, NO. Again see the Use Case compatibility link i posted. Think of it as bubble before the plugin system was opened. You have all the basic elements you will need (button, text labels, date pickers, vviews, sliders, etc.) and with styling properties like in bubble. How your app look and feel is up to your skills.

Yes it can send push notifications with onesignal and firebase.

This is a native app. So while you can easily make changes in your editor like in bubble, when you’re done, you will have to export it again and update it on the plugin store.
If you’re developing, then you can make changes and view the result in their simulator.
Note that since dropsource generates native code it requires compilation so previewing is not instant like in bubble. Might take about 30secs to compile which to be is relatively very fast comparing to how long it takes to compile apps on your own.

Affordability is relative.
You can look at their pricing page to see if its affordable to you.
Their plan is $40/month. But you don’t need to be subscribed monthly. You can do all your development and when you’re ready to test and publish just sign up for one month and once you’re done exporting your code you can cancel the plan.
But if you want to make changes and export again you will need to have a subscription again.

You should actually go to their page, they have an online chat that you can use to assess whether if its fit for your requirement.
You can also post your application requirements on their forum and @ssmith or other guys from dropsource will tell you if its doable or not.

They also have a webinar (link below) coming up in about a week which i think will be perfect for you or any other person who wants to know more about dropsource and maybe ask questions.

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Hi @eduKit, Sue from Dropsource here! :wave:

Thanks so much @seanhoots for providing such a comprehensive overview…! :tada:

@eduKit feel free to post on our forum if you want to discuss Dropsource with people who have used both it and Bubble…

If you can explain a little about the app / apps you plan to build we can help you figure out whether Dropsource would be a good fit or not.

Hi there,

I played heavily with DropSource. And it is something that you have to put your full attention to, to get the hang of it.

It interfaces with Bubble for back-end stuff. Once you connect it is pretty easy to send and receive data from Bubble.

Making it beautiful is up to you. The arrangements of your elements, the amount of friction between you the user and the application and how esthetic are your visual elements, all play a role on how ‘nice’ your end product is. Like I said, it’s up to you.

To get into DropSource be ready to put some brain power towards learning and then making something on top of that effort… something that is engaging and functional.

The big plus is that it makes making native apps easier.

The way I see it, to learn Bubble you have to rotate your mind one direction and to learn DropSource you have to rotate your mind in a different direction. In others words at one point you are going to be spinning but eventually things will settle and you are going to be very productive and rewarded.

What do you have in mind? And how much do you want to spin, sort of speak?



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