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L.E. be careful with the onesignal, I am not sure if it will work to get the PID.

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Hello @mvandrei and others,

By reading through all of this and your other posts, I think I know what the answer will be, but I just wanted to double check… Am I right in saying that without a Mac, Xcode and a very expensive Apple developer account plus a google developer account (I do already have this though) I will never be able to get notifications working?

I’m not planning to release my app as an actual App Store app just yet, I would like to only have web notifications active for the live web version of my app and use mobile notifications in a test mode only, just to see how it works.

That may well change depending on what the answer to this question is though. I just can not justify being forced to buy a Mac simply to get notifications on my app before I know if it’s working or not, even in a test mode and not a published App Store app.



You can test on Android. On iOS will work just the same, but on a different mobile platform.
You could test DropSource with webview, but be advice that Appppppple are getting vert bi*chy about webviews, and I don’t understand why. An webview could be just as useful as a native one…

Sorry for being dense, but with CodeCanyon’s Web2App, would I literally just be able to signup and pay, then download Android Studio, work some magic, get a Google dev account and submit the app?

How much work/struggle would it be for an Android Studio newbie to get his native Bubble app working in Android Studio and create an app?

Thanks Bubblers!

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If you don’t code… pretty difficult on Android.
with Web2App should be easier, but I don’t remember if it works with that webview. If it registers the PID.
I had to combine 3 or 4 webviews to achieve what I needed in my app, beside just push notification…
Android is not my A game.

I understand what you mean, android is not my A game as well.

Disculpe, tengo una duda. He probado contener mi aplicación web en programas como Dropsource o Trunkeable en vista web, pero no me sirve para acceder a los archivos del dispositivo. Con la “SuperView” que utiliza ¿se podría hacer esto?

no habla espanol
L.E.: you can access files, but you need permission to access photos for example, or camera. Setup access permissions when you create the app/webview and you should be fine as long as apple approves it. Android approves almost anything so no worries there, other than compatibility with soooo many different manufacturers and OS versions.

I’m having trouble trying to use the individual notification, I’m not registering the individual id

help me

Hi everybody!

I am really excited to use this plugin, but I am having some troubles. I have put Basic in front of the Authorization inputs but it is still asking me to input my API keys.

I saw a comment in another chain that suggested to uninstall, clear the cache, close down the browser, and try again. I have tried this and it is still not loading. If I have just missed something,

Hey Man!
Almost finishing up the setup with my app to OneSignal, however I’m lost. Don’t know if I messed up through Xcode’s implementation or Bubble’s workflows. Would love some insight or if you could check it out through the editor that’d be awesome too!


hello ben,

make sure you fill the “http (headers)” field with the label you were provided during OneSignal app setup processes, specifically when selecting my site isn’t fully https. And add the safari web id which gets generated when setting up onsignal for safari browser to the “safari web id (headers)” field. that sorted it out for me.

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for those who are having probles getting the web java script to work, make sure you DO NOt add the javascript header to your pages as instructed when setting up onesignal, that was the cause of the problem (couldn’t get the user PlayerID) for me, hope this helps someone because i wasted days figuring this out.

Hey, did you get it to work on mobile push notifications or is this regarding web notifications?

wen notifications

Hello Everyone, finally got it to work with the help of @mvandrei and the codecanyon superview wrapper creator. Registered both web PID & Mobile PID (only for iphone, haven’t tried doing so on android just yet) in Bubble database. If you follow every instruction provided you should be good! The superview wrapper is required and I had also forgotten to upload the OneSignal files to the root of the website. Also I separated the workflows in half with no custom event, just a java to bubble event!!

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why i getting this error ?


How did you install the superview wrapper and the onesignal files to the root of the website?



Hey! I believe you need a paid plan to upload hosting files to the root directory, which is what I did for the OneSignal files. Also for OneSignal you’re going to need to purchase the paid plugin, because for some reason the free one doesn’t work. You’re going to want to by the superview in envato if I’m not mistaken ($20 regular , $100 with in-app purchases & other features) and plugin all the info on the project file through XCode or Android Developer, which turns it into a webview app! Checkout my app, it’s published in both google play & apple appstore, has push notifications too !

Hi, how did you solve the problem with loading dynamic data?