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Thanks for starting this post, there’s really not enough info on Bubble about the use of web wrappers.

I recently started having a problem with Android, not exactly sure when it started since I’m an iPhone user but my app suddenly freezes on android (never used to and has no problems on iOS). It seems like they’re gonna try to make me pay $200 to upgrade to that dumb additional crosswalk 30MB package.

Now I’m interested in a better wrapper but I heard Apple’s app store and the Google Play store don’t make it easy to just upgrade your app and resubmit with a new wrapper. I’ve heard it has something to do with signatures and other stuff over my head. Are you familiar with this at all?

@OnDemandCloner well under the same app, you submit a new build (ipa or apk).
If they approve it, that’s all.

So the problem here was that the free OneSignal Plugin was still there. You should only use one, in this case the premium one.

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I was trying to follow these instructions. I have few questions.

  1. Do I first create notifications using codurly website documentation then launch it and then setup on Android and iOS (step 3.3) or
    Do I first create notifications using codurly website documentation then setup on Android and iOS (step 3.3) and then launch it.

  2. I don’t know how to code so I am not able to make changes to android studio as mentioned in the link

  3. When I downloaded Android Studio it shows me following. Is it OK?

  4. How do I add Java part given on the link in question 2.

Your help will be highly appreciated. Is there any easier way to add notification to the mobile apps?

Hey @udayrana10
First of all, please note that Android Studio has been updated to 3. It’s a major update (Major Update I salute you - How I met your mother inside jokes…anyone? haha) and the tutorial from onesignal’s SDK MIGHT not fit until updated. I will ask them. I don’t code that much either.
Now, I will try to understand what you are trying to do and get back to you in a bit.
L.E. well you have an error saying that you miss android-26. And you have a blue text saying install missing platform(s). and sync product. Just do that. For now, and test please.

  1. You should create your onesignal account and get the info so you can do the push notification part on your bubble app. Then setup the Android and iOS apps and test it under two different accounts OR delete the assigned onesignal ID in the database. If you login with Android or iOS first and the other later, it will have individual OneSignal IDs BUT you already assined the first one to THAT email address that you are connecting with. So you could just use another account for the second mobile platform test.
  2. You have an example file on github. You can download that one. Just be sure to match the version of your Android Studio.
  3. As I mentioned above in L.E. just click on the blue text ‘Install missing platform(s) and sync product’
  4. I think the answer for question #2 covers this

You can always buy the SuperView (or any other web view templates for iOS and Android, JUST make sure they have OneSignal integrated); or you could get a free webview from github, not sure if you’ll find one already integrated with OneSignal.

As mentioned in one of the previous posts, I will make a platform where you will just provide your bubble’s app URL and give some extra info in a form, and the result within minutes will be ipa and apk OR published under my developer account directly. But this will not happen anytime soon, not sooner than 1 month from now. At least. I need to get some free time to finish my app and unfortunately people don’t offer to help for free and not even paid as I can see… I found a great bubble partner/developer - @DotStudios (the work they’re doing is … exceeding my expectations and that is really RARE) that will help me finish and then I will start working on this 100% automated system that publishes mobile apps with OneSignal push notifications integrated.

Important update:

I have seen a lot of complains here about the onesignal plugin not working, and that’s unfortunate.
My app is almost done and I really need push notifications.
I did the only thing that I could: I’ve made the plugin myself (well I paid a freelancer, a very talented freelancer actually). And for me, on iOS it works like a charm! It also has badges, so on iOS you can increase the number, decrease it, remove it, whatever you desire.
You can also send mass messages, segmented messages, individual ones, whatever your heart desires :slight_smile:
I will officially launch it in less than 24 hours. Still need to complete the tutorial/documentation and to test it on Android (should work just fine, but still).

Is there anyone that want to help me test it in private before that?
Just give me your bubble app name (subdomain basically) and I will add you in 8-10 hours.

Thank you!

The plugin will be free forever


I’ll test it! My App id: livechatplayapp

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added, thanks!

Let me know when a video documentation is available, also text documentation would be good aswel! I have had problems with not receiving the plugin for the premium version that Codurly made so that’s why I’m happy that you’ve made this!

The documentation will be ready in 10 hours approximately I need to go now and then when I’ll be back I will continue on it.
For installation you can use the tutorial I made at the beginning of this post.
If you still need help then, that’s okay, I will help but when I will get back.
Yes, I made the plugin for the same reason…I needed it for my app and couldn’t wait any longer after Codurly.
Anyway, the mobile app idea was mine so I am not stealing anyone’s idea, if any it’s mine haha.

This is a great resource @mvandrei, thanks!

I have been diving in head first to see if it would be easy to publish my app. So far so good, but the thing I’m running into at the moment is app navigation.

I have the external app on one page but use groups to navigate from one ‘page’ to another. They are set with a condition on a container group: when 'container-group’s show is ‘documents’ > this group is visible.

Is it possible to use the arrows in the device to navigate this way?

So basically this is not about the webviewclient as it is to find a solution to set an elements state using the mobile device’s navigation button… the search continues :smiley:

I’m facing the same issue. Everything loads perfectly, except the dynamic data. Did you hear back from the creator or find a solution?

I’ve only tested the SuperView for Android one.

@vincent56 there’s a fix for dynamic content.

Find this line in MainActivity file and remove it:


Or comment it out.


@vincent56 and @everyone I am facing some issues myself and the creator is slow in response, I hate that.
So, as I decided to do the OneSignal plugin myself, I will be launching it in the next two hours, to resume on the documentation so I can finish it; I also decided to make my own web views and something extra.
It will not be here for at least two weeks, but that extra something will make you wish you had an appointment to the doctor, 'cause your jaw will hit the floor!
I am not one to brag, but it’s SO cool, SO SO SO SO cool you can’t even imagine what it will do. SO excited! :slight_smile:

Awesome this worked!

Looking forward to the plugin.

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@everyone It’s finally here OneSignal FREE plugin for FREE and UNLIMITED Push Notifications 📱 :tada:


Wow! congrats! :heart:

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thank you! :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for your generosity :slight_smile:
so great !

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I’ve followed the instructions exactly as stated and my user still does not get a playerID. When I check Bubble’s preview inspector, it says that the JavascripttoBubble A’s value is empty after the JavaScript ( is run. The JavaScript works for web push notifications, right? Any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance!