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Thanks for sharing this great guide! I’ve been testing GoNative, and been semi-happy with it, and the price is quite stiff.

In GoNative, I had to enable CrossWalk WebView for Android, or the app would be completely screwed up. Nothing worked, basically, when I used only the Standard WebView: GPS, links, rendering, even the Android keyboard crashes.

GoNative charge another USD 200 for this, which is quite annoying. Do you know if this will be a problem in your solution?

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@petter glad you like it. Hope it will help.
You can give me the apps’s URL and I can test it for you, give you access via team viewer to see how it works or screen record and send the recording.
I have no issues on iOS. Don’t know about Android but I can test.
Also… crosswalk is like 30MB or so. WTF… that would make your app HUGE.
You’d better go with intelxdk, phonegap or similar that are for free and uses cordova to create the webview.
Let me know if you want me to help with the testing.


Haha, thank you for your candid feedback. I didn’t know Crosswalks is what made the app so big, I couldn’t make sense of it.

I’ll send you a PM!

sure. I’ll be waiting. I have some free time.

Here are some tips on how to change settings in the SuperView WebView app

Note: Only applicable for for Android!

How to force portrait mode:
Open app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml
Find android:screenOrientation=“fullSensor” and replace with android:screenOrientation=“portrait”

How to set the color of the Android status bar?
You need to open res/values/colors.xml and change colorPrimaryDark.

How to disable cache
Open res/values/config.xml
This line true replace with

How to enable/disable system permissions
Find method showContent and remove unnessesary permission

public void showContent() {
if (show_content) {
PermissionUtil.checkPermissions(this, new String[]{

        show_content = false;
        admob = new AdMob(this, mAdView);

thanks for that, @petter

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Do you know what to set the screen size at for mobile on the bubble side? I’m going through a similar process to this for android and on some phones it looks great, and on others you have to scroll to see all the content, or the content doesn’t fill the entire screen. I’ve experimented with a bunch of different sizes on bubble and haven’t gotten anything to work. Any insight would be appreciated!

Have you checked the responsive engine?

I have. I still haven’t had luck with it filling the entire screen correctly. I had a little more luck when I made it larger than most screens and had it scale down, but on the smaller phones you would have to scroll a lot to see everything, and the intention is to not have to scroll at all.

If you are on paid plan, add me to your project as collaborator. If you are on the free plan, make sure the editor is available for public editing and share the URL in private.

Hey @mvandrei, we just sent you an email with the link to our app. Thanks for your help.

Also, the CSS plugin that @jarrad created helped me out with some sizing issues, it’s definitely worth checking out. It gives you bit more flexibility than Bubble does out of the box.

I will have a look now and get back to you. Sorry for the delay.

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Hello @mvandrei , thank you very much for all your informations. Thanks to you I finally succeed to put my app on the google play market and will soon do the same on the apple one.
Nevertheless I still have problems to put notifications via OneSignal. I did everything explained in the OneSignal documentation but when I run the bubble inspector on my app I see that the javascripttoBubbleA’s value is still empty after the javascript was runned. So the player ID is also empty at the end.
I hope you understood well my problem and that maybe you have a solution.
Thank you

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You’re very welcome.
Please send me the editor link of your bubble app.
Also, you need to place & run the scripts on the page where the user is authenticated. Otherwise, there is no currentuser to assign the ID to. Current user is the logged in user, not a guest on the site.


I will start working soon, on a 100% automated system.
You will be able to type in the information needed (like fill out a form), and the output will be the following one:

  1. ipa and apk to upload them yourself on the stores.
  2. all-the-way-to-the-end where my system will publish your apps under my developer accounts on the stores.

Everything needed will be automatically done, in minutes.
NO PROMISES YET, as I am no coder and I need a few to make this happen, but MAYBE on Christmass/X-Mass day I will have a nice gift for ya’ll.
I’ll start searching for the right coders next week. Fingers crossed.
The system will be:

  1. FREE with my company on the splash screen like: your logo on center, and under it ‘mobile app developed by MYCOMPANY.’
  2. A small fee to remove that add.


Thanks for starting this post, there’s really not enough info on Bubble about the use of web wrappers.

I recently started having a problem with Android, not exactly sure when it started since I’m an iPhone user but my app suddenly freezes on android (never used to and has no problems on iOS). It seems like they’re gonna try to make me pay $200 to upgrade to that dumb additional crosswalk 30MB package.

Now I’m interested in a better wrapper but I heard Apple’s app store and the Google Play store don’t make it easy to just upgrade your app and resubmit with a new wrapper. I’ve heard it has something to do with signatures and other stuff over my head. Are you familiar with this at all?

@OnDemandCloner well under the same app, you submit a new build (ipa or apk).
If they approve it, that’s all.

So the problem here was that the free OneSignal Plugin was still there. You should only use one, in this case the premium one.

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I was trying to follow these instructions. I have few questions.

  1. Do I first create notifications using codurly website documentation then launch it and then setup on Android and iOS (step 3.3) or
    Do I first create notifications using codurly website documentation then setup on Android and iOS (step 3.3) and then launch it.

  2. I don’t know how to code so I am not able to make changes to android studio as mentioned in the link Android SDK Setup.

  3. When I downloaded Android Studio it shows me following. Is it OK?

  4. How do I add Java part given on the link in question 2.

Your help will be highly appreciated. Is there any easier way to add notification to the mobile apps?